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Barcelona to Madrid flights

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This page provides essential information about flights from Barcelona to Madrid. There are several airlines that operate between the two cities, and you will find their timetables, prices and contact information on this page.

Airlines Flying Between Barcelona And Madrid
Air Europa

Reasons to fly instead of taking the train

Choosing the option to fly will save you time over a train ride. Most flights are little over an hour and you don't have to check in too long beforehand. It's all over before you know it! In comparison the train journey will take anything between 3 hours to 9 hours depending on the train service you use.

Air Europa

Air Europa fly from Barcelona airport, Terminal 1. They now arrive in the new Terminal 4 at Madrid Barajas. The check in for the Barcelona to Madrid flight is at desks 651 to 664. The flights depart daily and the duration is just 1 hour 15 minutes. Barcelona to Madrid flights are from 07:30 - 21:25, and they operate frequently throughout the day. Food is available on board.

The easiest way to book your tickets is online through their official website.

The site gives you the option to print off your boarding card, which saves you time at the airport.

You can also book tickets over the phone by calling

Air Europa Tel: +34 90 240 1501

Ticket prices vary, but as a rough guide you can expect to pay anything from €30.00 to €265.02 return plus a €12.00 service charge.


Vueling fly from Terminal 2B at Barcelona airport, and into the new terminal 4 at Madrid Barajas. The flight time is 1 hour and 15 minutes, and there are 2 flights every day of the week. Take care to check on their official website regarding the times, as they vary day to day.

Official Vueling website

Vueling are an excellent value airline, and are pretty new, but provide a really good service. Food is available to buy on board. As a rough guide, the cheapest one way price from Barcelona to Madrid is from €69.99, and the most expensive is at €169.99, although these prices vary depending on availability.

You can book online, which is very simple, and you can even choose your seat. Once at the airport, remember that check in closes 30 minutes before departure time.

Vueling Information Tel: +34 80 720 0100


There are two options if you want to fly from Barcelona to Madrid with Iberia. In addition to their standard flights, they also offer a shuttle service. The shuttle is more expensive, but check in is very quick and it runs more frequently.

Iberia's standard flights leave from Barcelona Terminal 2B and arrive at Madrid terminal 4. They run daily starting at 06:20 - 21:45, and flight duration is 1 hour 10 minutes.

Economy class travellers have a choice of food from the a la carte menu and business class travellers can enjoy a freshly prepared dish and wine. If you require kosher food you can book it 24 hours before the flight.

The cheapest fare available at the time of writing ( January 2014) was €45.00 one way (not including taxes) and the highest fare €85.00 one way.

Always check fares and schedules on the official website. You can also book tickets online. Iberia website to arrange a flight from Barcelona to Madrid.

Iberia shuttle

Iberia also operate an air shuttle. As a guide, a return ticket will cost you €356.62. It departs from Barcelona Terminal 2C, and arrives to Madrid Barajas Terminal 4. It is a walk on flight and check in closes 20 minutes before departure. There are 2 to 3 an hour between 06:40 and 21:45.

Iberia Information Line:
Tel: +34 90 240 0500

If you would like to see more information about travelling by train. Barcelona to Madrid train page.

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