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Left Luggage at Barcelona Airport Terminal 1: Baggage and Luggage Storage Lockers

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Located within the T1 building at Barcelona Airport there is a self-service facility for travellers wishing to leave their luggage for an extended period (the minimum period that you can pay for is 24 hours).

The service allows you to place your belongings within a locker - there are three sizes available. You can leave them here for up to 30 days and you will be charged for each 24 hours.

Please note there are no left luggage facilities at T2

This page provides details of: the location of luggage in T1, the prices of left luggage in T1, the opening times of left luggage in T1 and the procedure.

Sign for Left Luggage
Sign for Left Luggage

Where to find left luggage in Barcelona Airport T1

The left luggage office in the T1 building is located next to lost property. It is on the second floor of the building - P2. This floor has very little else of interest on it. So do not be alarmed to find yourself walking through a fairly deserted hall area to get to the office - this area is known as 'La Plaza'. The space will be the entrance hall for the metro station that will be arriving into Barcelona Airport - however, it could be a number of years before we see this.

Simply follow signs for Baggage and Luggage Storage.

Locker rates

The cost depends on the size on the locker. See below for a link to the different locker sizes. The locker charges work for 24 hour periods.

Small Locker:  €4.22  per day
Medium Locker:  €4.82  per day
Large Locker:  €5.40  per day

Opening times for left luggage at T1

Left Luggage in T1 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Procedure for leaving luggage

On arrival at the left luggage department your baggage will be scanned at a security check, you will then be left to your own devices to leave the luggage in the lockers provided.

This guide covers locker sizes how the payment machines work and the languages in which the instructions for operating the locker systems are available in.

tip It is important to remember that you cannot simply leave your belongings in the left luggage unit for a long time and hope that they will still be there on your return. Aena explain that they reserve the right to transfer objects that have been left for more than 30 days to a warehouse. The charge for this transfer is  €43.35  and the storage charge in the warehouse is  €2.20  for every 24 hours.

The left luggage service at Barcelona Airport T1 is simple to use and affordable. It is a useful place to leave your belongings if you wish to spend some time in Barcelona without lugging all of your possessions around with you.

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