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Location of Barceloneta Beach to the nearest metro stop. Click for a magnified view of this map
Location of Barceloneta Beach to the nearest metro stop. Click the map for a magnified view.

Barceloneta beach is the closest beach to Barcelona city centre. If you walk to Colom at the end of the Ramblas you have about a 15 minutes walk to the beach, alternatively see below for metro information. Barceloneta has many fabulous sea food restaurants serving up fresh catches of the day. Barceloneta beach can get busy during the peak season (June to September) in which case you could try visiting Icària Beach the next beach along from Barceloneta.

How to get to Barceloneta Beach

metroMetro: Barceloneta (Yellow Line, L4). Barcelona metro map

hotelHotel accommodation near the Barceloneta area

Hotels near Barceloneta - (Beach Area)

Click on the first picture in the table below. Remember you will get more out of this photo guide if you follow the photos in sequence.

beach-barceloneta-01_jpg.jpg (51kb) beach-barceloneta-02_jpg.jpg (66kb) beach-barceloneta-03_jpg.jpg (45kb)
beach-barceloneta-04_jpg.jpg (35kb) beach-barceloneta-05_jpg.jpg (51kb) beach-barceloneta-06_jpg.jpg (55kb)
beach-barceloneta-07_jpg.jpg (28kb) beach-barceloneta-08_jpg.jpg (52kb) beach-barceloneta-10_jpg.jpg (41kb)
beach-barceloneta-11_jpg.jpg (51kb) beach-barceloneta-12_jpg.jpg (40kb) beach-barceloneta-13_jpg.jpg (53kb)
beach-barceloneta-14_jpg.jpg (35kb) beach-barceloneta-15_jpg.jpg (45kb) beach-barceloneta-16_jpg.jpg (48kb)
beach-barceloneta-17_jpg.jpg (23kb) beach-barceloneta-18_jpg.jpg (32kb) beach-barceloneta-19_jpg.jpg (48kb)

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