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Barcelona Grand Prix Formula 1   2015

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Grand Prix Barcelona
Grand Prix Barcelona
This page will give you all of the essentials practicalities for attending the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona  2015 . Find out how to travel to the circuit, how to buy your grand Prix tickets and how to prepare for the day to ensure that it is as easy and pleasurable as possible.

Where Is The  Formula 1 Grand Prix Venue in Barcelona?

The Barcelona GP will be staged at the Catalunya Circuit which is 12 miles (20km) North East of Barcelona city centre. It is situated in a small town called Montmelo.

When is the Grand Prix Main Event?

Practice and qualifying sessions will take place on the  Friday 08 May - Saturday 09 May 2015  before the big race on  Sunday 10 May 2015 . You can therefore make a weekend of the event and buy a 3 day pass.

How do I travel From Barcelona Centre To The Catalunya Circuit?

Circuit de Catalunya Address

Circuit de Catalunya
Mas "La Moreneta"
PD 27
Montmeló, 08160

Tel:  +34 93 571 9700
Fax:  +34 93 572 2772

Official website: Circuit de Catalunya

You have 2 main public transport options.

Train to the Catalunya Circuit

You can catch the train from either Barcelona Sants, Passeig de Gràcia or Clot rail stations in Barcelona centre. You will then need to get off at Montmelo station which is the nearest stop to the Catalunya F1 race circuit.

Train Tickets. May be purchased from any of the rail stations mentioned above.

F1 Barcelona Race
F1 Barcelona Race

Price of Train Tickets

One Way Ticket (billete sencillo)  €2.50

Train journey time: 31 minutes from Barcelona Sants to Montmelo station.

Train Timetable: Barcelona Sants to Montmelo use the link below to look up the train timetable.

When you follow the link below select Barcelona Sants in the Origen and Montmelo for the destination. Then click Horarios (timetable). The other 2 stations are not shown in this menu but the train also stops at Passeig de Gràcia and Barcelona clot.

Timetable For Train From Barcelona Sants to Montmelo (stop nearest the F1 Barcelona GP Circuit.

Once at Montmelo you have a few options to arrive at the F1 circuit. You can walk to the race circuit. It is worth noting that this is quite a difficult journey by foot. It will take around 30 minutes and is along some rather large roads.

Map to walk from Montmelo station to the F1 Barcelona Catalunya race track.

Alternatively there is a small shuttle bus / train that operates between the Rail station and the Catalunya circuit. This operates throughout the day on the weekend of the event. It is free of charge for people with tickets for the Circuit. Important note - the shuttle buses only run on the Grand Prix days and not throughout the year.

Last year over 47,000 people used this regional train service over the three day period. The RENFE train company puts on extra trains for this period to compensate. However, it is still worth remembering that the trains are likely to be very busy.

Bus Transfer from Barcelona centre to the GP race course

There will be a special bus service operating to transfer spectators of the GP from Barcelona Nord bus station in the city centre to the race venue at Circuit de Catalunya. This is organized by the coach company Sagalés.

The Sagalés bus service timetable and prices can be found by following this link:

Shuttle bus service by Sagalés from Barcelona Nord station to the Formula 1 Catalunya Circuit.

Journey time is approximately 45 minutes and the numbers of coaches leaving depends on number of visitors arriving.

When the coach tickets go on sale you will be able to book the tickets from the Sagalés phone line:  +34 90 213 0014 , from their online booking service, or from the station on the day of travel.

Driving to Circuit de Catalunya

There are 32,000 parking spaces at Circuit de Catalunya. The Circuit pride themselves on being one of the international circuits with parking within close proximity of the racetrack. Despite this, it is worth bearing in mind that the track is over 4 km long. Therefore, it is essential that you park your car as close to your seating as possible.

Facilities at the Track


Around the edges of the track there are more than 120 points where food and drink are available. These include sandwiches, pizzas and other fast foods.

Prior to attending the Circuit it is also possible to organize various food options for your arrival.

It is possible to purchase 'Picnic box tickets'. These allow you to order a picnic box, for a minimum order of €20.00. These comprise beverages, meals and snacks.

There are also three points around the circuit where a three-course meal is available - the 'Menu'. There are two points called 'Gourmet Grille' and one point called 'Mediterranean' where they can be purchased. Picnic style seating is available. The menu includes first course (with options of various salads, noodles or paella), second course (a selection of meats with garnish), dessert (ice cream or fruit salad), a drink (soft drinks, mineral water, energy drink or beer), bread and coffee. The price of the whole meal is €45.00.

Both 'menus' and 'tickets' can be purchased by sending an e-mail to  [email protected] .

Recommended items to bring with you to the Catalunya Circuit

Formula 1 organisers suggest that it is worth bringing the following with you to the Circuit:

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Sun Cream
  3. A Hat
  4. Comfortable Shoes
  5. Ear plugs or ear muffs

The Circuit de Catalunya is a very large and very exposed area. The races will be taking place under the Spanish sun at the height of the summer. Bear this in mind when preparing for your day and bring everything that you can to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

People with tickets for the non-seated grass Pelouse area often bring umbrellas. Not only will this protect you from the strong Spanish sun, it will also help you to hold on to your space if you have a prime position for watching the race!

Many people also bring ear muffs or earplugs or headphones to the event as the noise produced by the cars can be extremely loud. True Formula 1 aficionados have headphones with special built-in radios. This allows them to listen to the race commentary whilst blocking out external noise.

Things not to bring to the F1 Event

According to the Circuit de Catalunya website visitors are not permitted to make/create/store/record or transmit any sound recording of audio visual footage. They also say any equipment that may enable you to do this is not permitted. However personal electronic devices such as mobile phones or hand held personal communication devices are allowed as long as the images are for private, personal and non commercial use.

Reading between the lines we think the above means that you would not be permitted to bring professional recording devices such as SLR Cameras, DSLR video cameras or pro recording grear without first obtaining permission from the Catalunya Circuit.

We recommend that if you have doubts about the type camera or recording equipment that you intend to bring to the event, it is best to contact the Catalunya circuit directly to confirm with them in advance of your trip. You do not want to turn up on the day of the race only to find out you are not permitted to enter with your camera equipment.

Disabled Facilities

The Circuit de Catalunya has various facilities for disabled customers.

Disabled parking is located in front of Gate 1 (North Area) in PA2.

Disabled seating is available on the top section of Grandstand G (Stadium Area) and in the main Grandstand (Main Straight, in front of the pits).

The main grandstand has lifts and adapted toilets. Grandstand G also has a adapted toilets.

A general admission ticket will ensure access to all of these areas.


There are 23 screens places around the circuit. These have been designed to assure that all seats at any point in the Circuit can view the whole race.

When to Arrive at the GP Circuit

Friday 08 May 2015  the GP Circuit will be open from  09:00 .

Saturday 09 May 2015  the Circuit will be open from  08:00 .

Sunday 10 May 2015  the Circuit will be open from  07:00 .

For those with tickets for the Pelouse area there is even more reason to get to the Circuit as early as possible. As there is no seating in this section, the early birds can secure the prime spots for the race and spread out with their umbrellas and picnic blankets.

tip Circuit de Catalunya Director, Ramón Praderas, advised that it is worth being patient on leaving the Circuit at the end of the day. To avoid large crowds and queues of traffic you should simply take a walk around the circuit or go for a drink until the crowds have subsided.

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