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2015 Moto GP: Your Guide to Grand Premi de Catalunya In Barcelona

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Riders at Moto GP
Riders at Moto GP

This page will give you all the essentials to the MotoGP Gran Premi de Catalunya de Moto GP  2015  in Barcelona. Find out how to travel to the circuit, how to buy your MotoGP tickets and how to prepare for the day.

After Rome, Barcelona is the city in Europe with the largest quantity of motorcycle owners. The relatively small city contains over 300,000 motorbikes. It is, perhaps, for this reason that the Gran Premi de Catalunya de MotoGP is so popular. It may also explain why an impressive selection of its competitors are Catalan.

Where Is The Moto GP venue in Barcelona?

The Barcelona Moto GP will be staged at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya which is 12 miles (20 km) North East of Barcelona city centre.

When is the Event?

The event will take place on  12 June - 14 June 2015 .

Tickets: How do I Buy My MotoGP Ticket?

Moto GP
Moto GP

The easiest way to buy your Grand Prix Tickets is to buy them online.

If you would prefer not to buy your ticket online, it is also possible to buy them from the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Ticketing Hotline  

Tel:  +34 90 288 8303 .

tip If you plan to attend the Moto GP in a group, then buying your ticket in advance will increase your chances of everybody being able to sit together. Seats are allocated at the time of purchase so the sooner you buy, the more choice you will have in where you sit.

How do I Travel From Barcelona Centre To The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya?

Please see our guide to the Formula 1 Barcelona GP for details on how to get to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya .

Note that the special buses that run for the Grand Prix also run for the Moto GP on  12 June - 14 June 2015 . They run with the same frequency and tickets are available via the same options.

Facilities at the Track

The Stands One of the Food Areas
The Stands One of the Food Areas

During the days of the Moto GP there will be a wide variety of bars and restaurants around the circuit to choose from. There will be stalls selling sandwiches, snacks and pizzas. There will also be the option to purchase food that has been prepared on site.

Vantage Points

tip Salvador Servià, the Director of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya , has explained that the most popular vantage point for watching the Moto GP is the North Area (the Stadium Area). Therefore, if you wish to get a seat in this section it may be necessary to book as soon as possible.

Preparing for your day at the Circuit

For some useful advice on how to prepare for a day at the Circuit, it is worth checking our guide to Formula 1 Barcelona Grand Prix.

Check the section entitled 'Items to Bring with you to the Circuit' under the 'Facilities at the Track' heading.

Disabled facilities at the Circuit

For information on the facilities available for wheelchair users at the Circuit, it is worth checking our guide to the Formula 1 Barcelona GP.

Check the section entitled 'Disabled Facilities' under the 'Facilities at the Track' heading.

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