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Does the Barcelona Airport Aerobus A1 Run On Sundays?

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Q: Please can you tell me if the Aerobus A1 operates on Sundays?

A: Indeed the airport shuttle bus operates on Sundays - both to Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The current official timetable is the same on every day of the week. The buses that leave from Barcelona airport start to run at  06:10 - 22:25  at night and leave every 10 minutes. The timetable of the Aerobus with departure from Plaça Catalunya starts at  05:30 - 21:45 . The bus leaves every ten minutes.

We are aware that many tourists are confused as to whether the Aerobus runs on Sundays or not because the official Aerobus website is ambiguous as to whether the service runs on Sundays. However rest assured we can confirm that the Aerobus service does run on Sundays and we hope one day the people operating the Aerobus official website might clear up this ambiguity.

We recommend you check the timetables for the Aerobus using the contact telephone number below before starting your trip as timetables change without us being notified.

Ctra. De Tiana s/n
Badalona 08915
Telephone:  +34 90 210 0104

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