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Differences Between Travel Card and The Barcelona Card?

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Q: I am planning a trip for 14 persons to Barcelona this November. We want to buy the 2 Day Travel Card. Regarding this I have two questions. - Is the 2 Day Travel Card also valid for the train connection between Barcelona Airport and the City Centre? And - Where exactly can we buy the card?

A: The travel tourist card is a multi-day pass that you can purchase to travel on all public transport in Barcelona for several days (2, 3, 4 or 5-days option). You can also purchase the Travel Card online before starting your trip or at the tourist information spots in town or at the airport. If you take the train from the Barcelona airport El Prat into town, you can also purchase the tourist travel ticket from the tourist information desk inside the arrivals building or purchase the ticket when arriving to the train departure at the machines or the counter. You can then use the travel card on the RENFE train from the airport to the town centre. You can also buy the travel passes at any ticket vending machine or counter at any Metro station.

There are no discounted versions of the tourist transport cards i.e. no discounts for seniors or for disabled travellers. However children under the age of 4 years travel for free and do not need the travel cards.

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Another option is the Barcelona Card. You can use the Barcelona Card to give you free transport on the RENFE train from the airport to the city centre. You also receive free unlimited transport on the Barcelona Metro, bus and tram systems in the city centre. In addition the Barcelona Card also gives you either free or discounted entry into many of Barcelona's top attractions.

To find further details about the Barcelona Card free entry to attractions and discounts, please click on the following link below.

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You can also find general information regarding the metro, the metro map, prices, instructions for use etc. by visiting this page:

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