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Distance to Grand Marina Hotel From Cruise Terminals?

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Q: We will be returning from a cruise on the Royal Caribbean Brilliance of The Seas cruise ship, arriving about 5 AM. Our hotel reservations are at the Grand Marina. How far from the various terminals is the hotel? Can we walk it?


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Grand Marina Hotel at Port Vell

The answer depends on which cruise terminal you arrive at. If you arrive at the North, South or East terminal at the World Trade Centre (WTC) you can definitely walk it because it is only a few minutes walk away. If you arrive at one of the terminals A, B, C, or D on the Quai Adossat then it is about 1.25 km walking distance. Under such circumstances it is advisable to take the Blue Bus (shuttle bus service) or to catch a taxi since walking in midday heat with luggage would not be a good way to start your holiday. The Grand Marina Hotel is right next to the World Trade Centre. I recommend that you take a look at our Barcelona Cruise Terminal Map that shows you the locations of the cruise terminals at Barcelona port. The map has a scale on it so you can work out how far you would need to walk depending on where your ship docks.

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