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Q: We are family of 6: 3 adults and 3 children with 6 cases, arriving at the Barcelona Pier and will have 8 hours spare before our flight check-in at El Prat. What is the cheapest solution for storing the luggage, visiting Barcelona and then going to the airport? Would it be easier to just go to the airport after the cruise and wait there? What is the cheapest most convenient solution?

A: Probably the best solution is to catch a taxi from the pier to Barcelona Sants rail station "Estacio Sants" and leave your luggage there. This will take you about 10 minutes and cost you around €6.00. Estacio Sants is in the city centre. Then you can do your sightseeing around the city then return to Sants station afterwards. There is a train that goes directly from Barcelona Sants to the airport. If you go directly to the airport from the cruise terminal simply to store your luggage first it is travelling a lot of extra miles that is not necessary.

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