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Copyright Registrations

All pages and graphics on this site are legally registered with the Copyright Deposit Agency. All pages on our site are protected & registered with the Copyright Witness Service Reg. no. 001191 Click on the logo to see one of our registrations.

The Copyright Witness services provides a legal registration of all our material on this site, witnessed and authorized by a legal attorney. This registration is admissible in court as absolute proof of copyright ownership. This registration of our work protects it internationally against copyright infringement and other sites that unlawfully copy our site content. This registration is also covered by the Berne Convention and WIPO/Paris/Berne conventions and the Digital Millennium Act.

In case that the Administrators detect a copyright infringement of the work included in the website they will proceed to take immediate action in order to terminate all infringement and will claim all corresponding costs and legal fees.

Liability: Copyright law applies to Companies, organisations and individuals.

Copyright law applies to individuals, organizations and businesses.

Considerable amount of time and energy has gone into developing, writing and researching the material in this site. To this end we have taken several steps to protect our intellectual property - our written, recorded and visual material otherwise referred to on this page as material.

Having free access to material on line does not mean that it can be used freely. There are conditions of use and those conditions of use are governed both by copyright law and the terms and conditions set on this page. Note that our terms and conditions are In addition to copyright law.

If you are not able to agree to all the conditions on this web page then you are not permitted to use our website.

Terms and conditions for use and access to this web site

This site may only be referred to on-line for personal use only.

If you are working (paid or unpaid) for a commercial organization or other website that wishes to refer to our material you must first gain written permission from us. We will then assess if you may refer to our work or not. Please note under most circumstances we decline any form of commercial use or referencing of our work.

Under no circumstances may our website (or sister websites) be consulted as a source of information by any individual or organization that is attempting to write, research or answer questions for any online (or offline) encyclopedia, social media website, consumer reviews website, forum or for background research to create content or articles for a website or other publication.

Our web site content is only for personal use only for planning your visit. You may browse, view and listen to the material available on this web site. However any other use of our website material (text, images, graphics or photos etc) is not permitted.

Copying, downloading, reproducing, creating derivative works, rephrasing or rewording, translating, hosting, or HTML framing, of any of our material or website content is strictly prohibited without our express written permission.

Terms for submitting your questions, reviews and comments to us

Exclusive rights to use site visitor submitted material reviews/comments/questions/images etc
In sending (or sister websites) a review, comments, questions, images etc (from here on referred to as submitted material) you agree that we may use your submitted material freely as we see fit both on this site and any associated sites that we choose. This will also include any promotions that we deem as fitting or derivative works or translations etc.

When you send your submitted material to you agree that we will retain the exclusive distribution rights for the submitted material. You also agree that when you send us your submitted material it will not be used on any other websites or publications without our written permission.

In sending us your submitted material you confirm that it has not been previously published by any other website or publication. You agree that the submitted material you send to us was originally created by you and that you are the copyright owner of the work.

You certify that you have the right to submit the text you are submitting. Your submission signifies that you agree to grant an exclusive, royalty-free, exclusive, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual license to publicly display your submission (or translations or derivatives of it ) on this Web site or other websites owned or operated by us only.

In addition we also have the right to use your submission (or translations or derivative of it) in whole or in part on other carefully designated websites where appropriate. We may also use your submissions in any information products which we may be involved in making e.g. newsletters, printed guides, e-guides, magazines, journals whether they printed or in electronic media format.

We may also edit or modify your submitted material as we deem fit and may choose to host or not host the content you submit.

Under normal circumstances we give a credit for the person submitting the content if they wish however it is agreed that giving this credit is at 100% our discretion and we reserve the right not to give a credit if we do not wish to. If you wish to remain anonymous please specify this when you submit your content to us.

You also grant our Tourist Guide site, its owners or designated officials representing the owners, the right to pursue individuals or businesses who copy your submission or the edited version of your submission or any derivatives of it. It is agreed we have the sole and exclusive world wide distribution rights for your submission.

You may not submit questions to us if you are attempting to find answers or do background research for any other website, forum, or publication. You may only send us questions if they are for your own personal use for arranging your own holiday. Our answers or any content in our answers (including rewording or rephrasing our answers) may not be posted on any other website, forum or publication.

If you are unable to agree to all of the above points please do not send us your submitted material.

Linking to our website

You are free to link to our website provided that all the terms and conditions of this web page are adhered to first.

We reserve the right to request removal of links to our website at any time for whatever reason. If, under the unlikely circumstances you should receive a link removal request claiming to be from us please first confirm if this request was genuine or not.

You can confirm if the link removal request was genuine by visiting our link removal notice web page. All current website addresses that have been issued a link removal request by us will be listed on this page.

If your website is not listed on this page then the request was not genuine and you do not need to remove the links to our website.

Please forward a copy of the link removal email you received to us via our contact us form and we will pass this on to our legal department.


By accessing this web site, you indemnify / exclude (or any of our sister websites) and its owners from any responsibility for any loss, damage or liability arising from use of the information found on this web site or by accessing other web sites through links found on this site. By referring to the information or the content on this website the site user indemnifies / excludes and its owners from any damages or liabilities resulting from inaccuracies or deficiencies in the information and fully agrees to use the information at their own risk. This disclaimer also covers any e-mail, newsletter, blog, telephone conversation, RSS feed or any other form of communication that may be exchanged between (or any of its representatives) and someone requesting or receiving information.

Links to other websites originating from our website.

We have many links to other sites and companies that provide additional information and services. Please note that we provide these for your convenience to help you plan and arrange your trip. However it is important to note that we do not recommend or endorse whatsoever any of these sites or companies as to the quality or service that they offer. If you decide to use the services of a site/company that you found from a link on our site you agree to do so at your own risk.

It is your responsibility to check each of the companies and information sites for yourself to ensure their service or information is what you require.

Copyright Protection

To understand more about copyright protected material we suggest you visit the US copyright Protection office

We have registered all our site material, text, graphics, images and audio with the Copyright Witness service. This evidence will prove that we are the original creators of the work and is admissible as evidence in a court of law.

Copyright Witness website.

Photo Protection

To protect our pictures and photos they have been watermarked with both a visible and invisible copyright code. Downloading or un authorized use of any of our images is not permitted.

Watermarked images are regularly scanned on the web and un authorized use of these images will be detected.

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