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Hotel Map: El Born Hotels in Barcelona

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El Born is part of the old town of Barcelona. It is close to Barceloneta beach, the closest beach to Barcelona centre. El Born has some lively bustling bars and restaurants tucked away down its old cobbled streets. El Born is also home to the Picasso museum which displays one of the largest collections of Picasso's work in Europe.

Map showing hotels near El Born

Hotel Name Hotel registration code Hotel Number/ Star Rating
Arts Hotel HB-003984 (01 / 5 Star)
Banys Orientals Hotel HB-004121 (06 / 3 Star)
Colon Hotel HB-000049 (16 / 4 Star)
Duquesa De Cardona Hotel HB-004147 (22 / 4 Star)
Gotico Hotel HB-001219 (44 / 4 Star)
H10 Montcada Hotel HB-004328 (30 / 4 Star)
Neri Hotel HB-004130 (35 / 4 Star)
Oasis Hotel HB-002279 (03 / 1 Star)
Santa Marta Hotel HB-001703 (10 / 2 Star)
Suizo Hotel HB-000002 (29 / 3 Star)

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