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Map of Las Ramblas Linked to Photos of Points of Interest

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Barcelona Las Ramblas
Barcelona Las Ramblas
This page has a Barcelona map of Las Ramblas linked to a photo guide of each main attraction so you can see first hand what the Ramblas attractions look like and can instantly relate them to where they are. The special points are marked by a camera graphic on the Barcelona Ramblas Map. Simply move your mouse over the camera graphic on the map and click your mouse to see a photo of that area. In addition the descriptive text at the foot of the Ramblas map includes links to the same photos just in case your browser doesn't show the images on the map.

Barcelona Map Ramblas - linked to Photos

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At the top of the Barcelona Ramblas map you can see Plaça de Catalunya. This is the central most point of Barcelona city centre and is an excellent transport hub, but you would never know it looking at it. Here you can catch the metro, the Aerobus (Express bus service to the Airport), the Barcelona Tours Bus (a hop on hop of sightseeing bus) and much more.

Midway down the Barcelona Ramblas map you can see the Mercat de La Boqueria. This is a beautiful modernist market with stalls filled with fresh fruits. Be prepared for dazzling colours that will have you mesmerized.

You can also see the Liceu metro and the Gran Theatre del Liceu - right next to the Miró tile mosaic on the Ramblas.

A little further down you can see Plaça Reial a beautiful square an atmospheric place to visit during the evening. And to the left Palau Güell - one of Gaudí's creations.

At the southern most end we have Metro Drassanes and opposite the Wax Museum.

And at the foot of the Ramblas we have the Monument to Christopher Columbus and the Port Vell (marina and cruise port terminal).

Across the Marina promenade (Rambla del Mar) you have the Aquarium as well as a fabulous view of the Mediterranean sea.

OK those are just some of the highlights of the Ramblas.

To find your hotel visit our hotels Las Ramblas map page.

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