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Car Parking Barcelona

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Parking your car in Barcelona can be a problem. Although the city centre does have parking facilities the car parks are often full or have limited spaces. You'll also find that it's difficult to find a car park space on the streets in the city centre. However this page will guide you through the steps you can take if you need to park your car in Barcelona city centre.

Do you really have to bring a car into Barcelona city centre?

The best advice I can give is try avoid bringing a car into the city centre if you can. You will save a lot problems if you don't.

Barcelona has an excellent public transport system. The Barcelona metro system can take you almost everywhere that you need to go. If you can't get to your destination by metro then buses or taxis are readily available and offer a low-cost transport option.

But I definitely need to park my car in Barcelona centre

OK so you've decided to "brave it" and bring your car into the city centre. You have a number of options open to you.

Are you driving a foreign plated car?

If you are driving a foreign plated car then bear in mind that these cars are often targeted for robbery. Even when driving make sure that your doors (and boot is locked). If there is slow-moving traffic it has been known for thieves to pop open the boot or open a door and run off with the contents. The same is true for open windows. If you can reach in and grab something of value then ensure to have your windows wound up to prevent this.

To give you some peace of mind it is best parking your car in a car park with some form of security surveillance. Note that the car parks in general do not give any guarantees of security but they are a lot safer than leaving your car on the street.

Parking at the Barcelona Bus terminal Estación de Nord

Barcelona bus terminal has a large car parking facility.

The other advantage of using this car park is there is a metro stop right outside the bus station which gives you ready access to the entire city via the metro underground system.

Estación de Nord (Barcelona Nord Station)
Metro Arc de Triomf (Red Line, L1) or Marina (Red Line, L1).

Estación de Nord can be found at the junction of Carrer de Napols and Av de Vilanova.

Reserve your car parking at Barcelona Nord Bus Station

There are also a number of car parks in Barcelona city centre which you can try your luck at. Rate per hour is €2.65 (Rates are calculated per minute), €16.00 per day (24 hours, normal car) without moving the car outside the car park.

Cheap long term car parking

Perhaps you just want somewhere secure and low cost to leave your car whilst you explore the city? You may want to leave your car there for more than just a few days without paying a small fortune in parking fees. But how can you do this? As usual, Barcelona-tourist-guide has the answers. Visit our page on how to find cheap long term car parking in Barcelona.

Car impounding in Barcelona

If you park in a non-designated car parking area you'll almost certainly receive a ticket or have your car towed away.

This happened to a friend of mine who lives in Barcelona. She parked a car in a restricted area for only 20 minutes or so only to find that her car had been towed away when she got back.

At first we thought her car had been stolen but then we rang the car impound and found it had been towed away. It cost  €175.00  to have her car released and there are additional charges per hour if the car is not picked up within a certain time frame. You will also have a horrible sticker stuck right across your windscreen that takes an age to remove.

If your caught out and found that your car has been towed see our detailed information on what to do if your car is impounded in Barcelona.

Further Help in finding a place to park in Barcelona

If you would like to identify a carpark in a specific location in Barcelona and find the rates and facilities at the carpark I recommend you take a look at the following link that has an interactive map to help you identify your ideal car parking location.

Barcelona Car Parking Map

Summary for Car Parking Barcelona

If you intend to park your car in Barcelona then it can be a little troublesome. However if you follow the tips above you could find that your parking experience might not be all that bad after all.

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