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Sailing in Barcelona: Review of a popular sailing tour and optional beginner's sailing lesson.

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A week or so ago I was asked by my dear friend John if I would be interested in taking a sailing lesson in Barceloneta, the beach area in Barcelona. I thought he was kidding; do I really have such good friends that they are willing to send me on a sailing course? Well, yes, there was a price for it as we know nothing comes for free in life. The deal was for me to write about my experience and take a few photos. I was delighted, my first journalistic mission, and I get to sail too.

The sailing trip/lesson can be booked online. Simply follow the online instructions, and then print off your booking voucher. You need to bring this voucher along with you on the day along with photographic identification.

As indicated on the voucher I arrived at the appointed time at the sailing centre. I handed them the voucher and was asked to sign a paper for insurance purpose.

Two years ago I bought a boat to live on and to fulfil my dream to one day be able to sail. I am embarrassed to say that I can count the times I actually have been out sailing with my boat, and quite frankly still do not know how to sail, at least not on my own. I was therefore excited indeed to go for a 3 hour trip, my first ever. Even if it is a basic course I was convinced I could learn something from it. There is also the option just to enjoy a drink on the boat.

Our safety was always ensured we all had to have life jackets before entering the boats.
Our safety was always ensured we all had to have life jackets before entering the boats.

The sail instructors gathered us up to give us a short briefing. In total there were 9 of us, five English speaking and four Catalan speaking sign-ups. The group was of all age groups from Adults and some younger children. I would say this course is definitely designated for both young and old alike.

Our instructors Regina and Queralt were fairly young ladies but practically born on sailboats. We were taken to get out our life jackets, given plastic bags to put the cameras in, mine, however, was too large to fit in one of these bags and I decide not to bring it to sea. Sorry for not being able to share Barcelona's seashore photos with you. When all geared up we headed for our boats. Queralt was the designated instructor for the English speaking group, and Regina took care of the Catalan group.

The boat was big enough to seat six of us, and the other five went in the other boat. Queralt gave us an explanation about the sails, the ropes, and how to conduct in the boat as we were sailing.

The sailing instructor giving us pre-sailing tips.
The sailing instructor giving us pre-sailing tips.

We were towed out by a motorized boat since our boats did not have any engines and you are not allowed to keep sails up in the harbour, due to safety. Once out of the port we set sail, heading for Barceloneta (the beach area of Barcelona). Since we had the wind blowing from the south and that was our direction we had to crisscross down to catch the wind from a 45-degree angle. Onboard our boat we had a young couple from Saint Louise, Missouri, a mid-aged Canadian, and a young Bulgarian man, Queralt from Barcelona and me from Sweden, so yes you could call that an international crew.

We all had a go at sailing and learning the basics on this course.
We all had a go at sailing and learning the basics on this course.

Queralt showed us how to turn the boat, how to use the rudder, pull the ropes, head for the wind. We all had assigned duties where one was in charge of pulling the rope, one on each side, and the other duty we had was to steer the boat, we each had a go at each task. I was sat at the rudder for about 20 minutes, feeling empowered to be in charge of the direction of this boat.

We spent a good hour and a half at sea and made it all the way down to Barceloneta and headed quite far out from the coastline. The weather was fantastic, with a nice breeze to keep us sailing, there were also a few waves so we did not rock too much, and delightful company.

At the end of the trip we headed back to the port, sailing in with only one jib sail to keep us at a slow pace.

After Sail get together. This was fun to meet up with the others afterwards and talk about our experience.
After sail get together. This was fun to meet up with the others afterwards and talk about our experience.

We returned our life jackets, gathered around the table for a final reward of a glass of cava each in between chit-chatting with fellow crew members, all of us being well excited for what we had just learnt on the sailing lesson and from seeing a view of Barcelona from the other side.

How to book your yacht trip around Barcelona with basic sailing lessons

If you fancy a little sea fairing adventure you can reserve your place on the small group sailing trip around Barcelona coastline by following the link below. Learn the basics of sailing with an experienced skipper and take a dip in the sea to cool off. This sailing adventure lasts 3 hours and is a wonderful experience for anyone who would like to learn the basics of sailing or if you would just like to enjoy superb views of Barcelona's coastline.

What You Get:

Smartphone tickets: Just show the booking voucher on your smartphone.
Small group sailing: Enjoy the experience with more personal attention.
Enjoy beautiful views of Barcelona's shore line.
Learn the basics of sailing from an expert on board.
Cool off by taking a swim in sea from the boat.


This is a simple sailing course which I think anyone can understand and does not require having sailor's talents, a unique way to see Barcelona's shoreline, meet new people. I would not claim that I am now a qualified captain by any means, but I think anyone who feels inclined to learn how to sail at some point in their life, this lesson would be a nice introduction to what sailing is all about. Or if you are travelling in a group this could be a nice bonding event you have the option to just enjoy the sailing trip on its own. There is plenty more to learn about the sea the weather and the bigger the boat the more complicated it might get, but I think it was well worth the time and money.

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