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Disabled Facilities at Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 (T1) - Services for Limited Mobility Travellers

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Disabled Meeting Point
Disabled Meeting Point
Since the introduction of EU regulations in July 2008, there are specific rights in relation to disabled and limited mobility travellers whilst at the airport. These are in place from the moment that you enter the airport until the moment that your plane takes off. I have provided a full and succinct guide to these rights on the page dealing with disabled facilities in Terminal 2 (T2) at Barcelona Airport - Guide to disabled facilities at Barcelona Airport.

Barcelona Airport's new T1 building is well designed from those with limited mobility. The building is spread across three floors. However, each floor can be reached via lift or mechanical ramps.

This page covers: details of the T1 building's accessibility; an explanation of meeting points and their locations with T1; information regarding limited mobility parking in T1.

Accessibility of T1 for people with limited mobility

The entire T1 building has been designed to be accessible to those with limited mobility. It contains the following:

  • 49 moving walkways
  • 26 mechanical ramps
  • 48 escalators
  • 125 lifts

If you feel that you will have trouble making your way around the airport without assistance, see below for information regarding the meeting points where you can request some help.

Locations of Meeting Points in T1 for people with limited mobility

Please see the Guide to disabled facilities at Barcelona Airport for an exact explanation of how Meeting Points work. In brief, they ensure that limited mobility travellers do not need to inform the airport in advance of any special need that they may have (although, if you would prefer to let the airport know in advance, details of how to do this are provided on the guide to disabled facilities in T2). You simply need to make your way to one of the meeting points on arrival at the airport and you will be assisted by a specially trained member of the Aena staff from this point until the point when you get onto the plane.

There are a total of eight meeting points at Barcelona Airport's T1. They are located in the following places:

  1. The car park that is connected to T1.
  2. The lobby area of the ground floor (P0)
  3. The arrivals area of the ground floor (P0)
  4. The check-in at the Barcelona / Madrid Air Corridor (P1)
  5. The main 'La Plaza' area of the arrivals floor (P1)
  6. Just outside departures on the third floor (P3)
  7. In the general check-in lobby on the third floor (P3)
  8. The Departures roadway on the third floor (P3)

If you are having trouble finding one of the meeting points, simply search for a member of the Aena staff and they will point you in the right direction.

Tip It is important to remember that meeting points are now law within the EU. However, if you are travelling to an area outside the EU there is no guarantee that the same standards of assistance will be offered to you on your arrival. If you are unsure about this, it is best to contact your airline directly, or the airport that you will be travelling to for more details.

Limited mobility parking at T1

The car park that is located adjacent to T1 is suitable for limited mobility travellers. On the second floor of the parking you will find 108 spaces that are reserved for the cars of people with reduced mobility.

If you would like to see a full copy of the EU regulations that were passed in 2008 in relation to the rights of limited mobility travellers, see the Official Aena Website.

The standard of services offered to limited mobility travellers at Barcelona Airport is excellent. You will hopefully find that the building itself and the staff who work within it ensure that your airport experience runs as smoothly as possible.

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