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Lost Property at Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 (T1) - the Lost and Found Office

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The lost property department of Barcelona Airport T1 deal with items lost whilst you are in the airport. This should not be confused with items of luggage that get lost in transit - these are dealt with by baggage handling companies in the baggage claim area - for more details see our Frequently Asked Question - Luggage Lost in Transit.

If you lose something whilst in T1 it is a far easier process to report it missing than it is in T2. For details of what to do if you lose any possessions whilst in T2 see our Guide to lost Property at Barcelona Airport T2. There is actually a lost property office located within the T1 building where you can go to enquire about what you have lost.

This page covers the location of the lost property office at T1, plus opening times, contact details and procedures.

Sign for Lost Property
Overhead signposts clearly indicate the route to the Lost Property department

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Where is the lost property department in Barcelona Airport T1

Lost property is called "Objetos Perdidos" is Spanish. The office in the T1 building is located next to left luggage. It is on the second floor of the building - P2. This floor has little else of interest on it. So do not be alarmed to find yourself walking through a fairly deserted hall area to get to the office - this area is known as La Plaza. Simply follow signs for Lost Property.

Opening times of lost property office

The lost property office is open seven days a week.

Every Day: 08:00 - 22:00

Contact details

It is possible to contact the lost property office via telephone (see below). Alternatively, you can send an e- mail.

Lost property office
 +34 93 259 6440
E-mail: [email protected]

Procedure for reclaiming your lost property at T1

If you realise that you have lost something whilst you are at the airport, you should go straight to the lost property office and enquire as to whether it has been found.

If you only realise that you have lost something on leaving the airport, it is possible to call the department to see whether they have your item. Alternatively, you can send an email. See the telephone number and email address above. If you are unable to pick up the object from the airport yourself, it is possible to send somebody else to pick it up on your behalf. If you wish to do this, you should send an email to the address provided above. The email should contain the name of the person who you wish to pick up the object, plus their passport or NIE number. Make sure that you inform whoever will be picking the object up that they must bring their passport or NIE certificate with them when they go to the airport.

Lost Property at Barcelona Airport's T1 is easier to contact than that in T2. Therefore, if you have lost something whilst at the airport, don't panic, simply head to the lost property office and make some enquiries. The staff will do everything that they can to help.

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