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Lost and Found - Lost Property at Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 (T1)

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This page covers what to do if you lose some property at Barcelona Airport, either in the Airport itself or as a result of taking a flight. The name for "Lost property" is "Objectos perdidos" in Spanish or "Objectes perduts" in Catalan. You will see signs for this office in the overhead signage posts at the airport. There are two procedures depending on where your item was lost.

Overhead signpost showing direction to the lost property office at Terminal 1
Overhead signpost showing direction to the lost property office at Terminal 1

What to do if you lost your item as a result of taking a flight

If you have lost property as a result of taking a flight, e.g. your luggage did not arrive on the conveyor belt, or if you lost an item on the airplane, you must contact the lost property office before you leave the customs clearance area. There is a lost property office inside the customs area. You need your flight and airline details with your boarding pass. If you have left the customs area by mistake, you must return to the arrivals exit and speak with the security guard inside the exit doorway to regain access to the customs area. You would need to present your boarding pass and your passport to the security guard officer and to explain you have lost items from your flight to be granted entry back into the customs area.

What to do if you have lost an item in Barcelona airport -but not as a result of taking a flight

Lost property office location at Terminal 1 at Barcelona Airport
The lost property office is a long walk from the main terminal area. It is at the end of this walkway.

If you have lost your items at the airport outside of the customs area you must contact the lost property office at Barcelona Airport, located at Terminal 1. There is currently no lost property office at Terminal 2 other than the lost property inside the customs area of Terminal 2 but this office only deals with lost items or luggage for arrivals from a flight.

All items lost in Terminal 2 general airport area that is outside of the customs area will be transferred to the lost property office at Terminal 1.

Lost property office at Barcelona Airport Terminal 1
Lost property office at Barcelona Airport Terminal 1

Contact details for the Lost Property office at Terminal 1 are below. You should call the lost property office or email them first to see if they have your lost item because it is a long walk to reach the lost property office from the main airport terminal area.

Opening times of lost property office

The lost property office is open seven days a week.

Every Day: 08:00 - 22:00

Contact details

It is possible to contact the lost property office via telephone (see below). Alternatively, you can send an email.

Lost And Found - Lost Property Office Address

Oficina de Objetos Pedidos Aeropuerto de Barcelona
Terminal 1, Planta 1, El Prat de Llobregat
08820 Barcelona, España.

Lost property office
 +34 93 259 6440
E-mail: [email protected]

What to do if you lose your iPhone or other Apple device at Barcelona Airport?

If you lose an Apple product such as an iPhone, iPad, Macbook or AirPods, you could try using some of Apple's security features to see if you can find where your device is first. In this example, we will focus on finding a lost iPhone, but the steps we present here are similar for other Apple devices. There is an Apple service called "Find My", an app on Apple devices. You can use Find My by logging into your online iCloud account or from another Apple device such as an iPad or MacBook. This service will only work if your phone has an internet connection via WiFi or an active SIM data card on your phone. You can find your missing device in the Apple Find My service and get exact directions to where your phone was last seen. You could go to that location or play a sound on the device if it is nearby. You might find your misplaced phone in your belongings if you are lucky. If "Find My" does not work, it may be worth first calling your iPhone number to see if someone will pick up your phone. If not, you can text a message to the phone giving instructions in the hope that someone may contact you. If there is no reply to your messages, it may be worth remotely erasing your iPhone's data for security purposes, which you can do through your iCloud online account or through Find My service on another Apple device. You can always recover your data later, provided it was backed up by iCloud. Click here to learn more about how to use the Apple "Find My" service.

What to do if you lose your wallet or credit cards

If you have lost your wallet with your credit cards, you should see if you can freeze the cards from a mobile app that is linked to your cards. Examples of banking services that offer the feature to freeze your card instantly are Revolut and N26. However, many other banks now offer this security feature in their banking apps. To freeze your cards, you can log into your banking app, go to the CARDS section, choose the security section, and then freeze the card. Note that you can only freeze the card if you have internet access. Freezing your card will instantly stop the card from any further transactions. You should then report the lost card to your bank as soon as possible and raise a police report at Barcelona airport.

What to do if you have returned home and your item has been found by the Lost Property Office at Barcelona Airport?

If you have returned to your home country and found out that the lost property office at Barcelona Airport has found your item, you can arrange to have it delivered. Having the items picked up and delivered to you is probably only worthwhile if the item is expensive, such as a lost iPhone, computer or other expensive device, because of the cost associated with a courier picking up and delivering your item.

Having your items delivered to you would require you to coordinate the pickup from the lost property office by a courier service. You would have to pay for the pickup and delivery yourself. You could book the courier pickup using DHL or UPS online booking services. The courier would then pick up your item from the lost property office and deliver it. You must co-ordinate the pickup and delivery of your item with the lost property office. You will need to provide a copy of your passport to the lost property office and the courier. You would then arrange for the courier to pick up your item and deliver it to your home address. When you make your booking online with the courier, make certain to add additional notes to the courier, providing them with a copy of your ID so that they understand what must be done because this is not a standard pickup and delivery service.

Lost property and travel insurance

If you have lost any items while in the airport, it is important to report this to the police and obtain a police report at the airport. You may need this report to present to your insurance company. Alternatively, if you need more time to make this report before you leave Barcelona, you should make the police report in your home country at your local police station as soon as possible. The item may have been lost, but it could also have been stolen, and you will need a police report for your insurance claim.

If you have travel insurance, check to see if your policy covers you for lost items. Sometimes airlines allow you to purchase additional travel insurance with your flight, and your travel insurance policy may cover your lost items. Alternatively, credit cards or debit card companies often include a complimentary free travel insurance policy if you purchase your flight with the card. It is worth checking if you are covered for loss or theft under these complimentary travel policies that come with your credit or debit cards. N26 virtual banking is one example of a banking service that offers complimentary travel insurance with its premium cards.

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