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VIP Lounges at Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 (T1): First Class Lounges in Arrivals and Departures

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There are numerous VIP lounges dotted throughout T1 of Barcelona Airport. The ones that are available to you will depend on who you are flying with. Some of the lounges are run by the airport company, Aena. Barcelona Airport's T1 also includes a new section that is dedicated entirely to a shuttle plane running between Barcelona and Madrid. This area also has its own VIP lounge.

If you need to know about the VIP lounges that are located in Barcelona Airport's Terminal 2 (T2), see our Guide to the VIP Lounges at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2.

This page provides a list of the VIP lounges on offer in T1 of Barcelona Airport. The airport departure lounges in T1 are split into flights within the Schengen region and flights outside of this region.

This page separates the lounges into these categories and we provide online booking of these VIP lounges where available. Make sure you book for the lounge that services your flight area either Schengen or non Schengen.

VIP Lounges inside the Schengen Area of T1 (The Sky Centre)

Pau Casal Lounge. This lounge services flights to Schengen areas.

VIP Lounges inside the non-Schengen area of T1 (2nd Floor)

The Miró VIP lounge is available for non-Schengen flights. Barcelona airport Terminal 1 which services flights to non Schengen Flights.

VIP Lounges inside the Barcelona- Madrid Air Corridor lobby

There is currently one VIP lounge in this area:
Colomer Lounge Barcelona airport Terminal 1 which services flights to Madrid.

Opening Hours of the VIP Lounges in T1

Opening Hours of the VIP Lounges in T1: 06:00 - 21:00

However, if your flight us delayed and does not coincide with these times, the lounges will remain open until your flight leaves.

What is available in the VIP Lounges in T1

This will depend on which lounge you are in and it is necessary to contact the airline that you are flying with directly to find out more.

In general, most VIP lounges offer the following:

  • Free drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Free snacks
  • Free newspapers
  • Flight information
  • Individual flights called
  • Free computer access

If you are unsure as to whether your ticket qualifies you for access to any of the VIP lounges, it is best to contact your airline directly to find out more. In general, if you have a first class or business class ticket you are likely to have access to these areas.

Barcelona Airport's impressive new T1 building ensures that it is likely that the VIP lounges in this area are modern and well-equipped.

Secure Luggage Drop Off and Transfer Service

There is a secure luggage storage and transfers service that operates to and from Barcelona. This is a handy service were you can drop off your luggage and have it securely transferred to your final destination e.g. your hotel or other destination e.g. the cruise port. We have put together an article that explains in more detail this service.

Secure luggage drop off, storage and transfer service

Secure Left Luggage Storage

There is a left luggage storage facility at the T1 where you can drop off your luggage and pick it up at a later date.

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