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Barcelona Airport Facilities at Terminal 2 (T2): (Aeropuerto de Barcelona, Aeroport de Barcelona)

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On this page we have listed links to our detailed information pages for the facilities available at Barcelona International Airport. Click on any of the links to go to our detailed information pages on each.

Tourist information office

Information Services for travellers arriving at Barcelona Airport. Location of information offices and where they are located, operating hours, along with types of services offered by each type of office.

Customs at The Aeroport de Barcelona

Security steps taken at the customs at Barcelona Airport. Regulations regarding security control, hand baggage, liquids allowance and check-in luggage.

Facilities For People With A Disability

Facilities specifically designed for the traveller with a disability or limited mobility. Includes special meeting points for people with a disability, parking for people with a disability, advice on how to ensure you obtain assistance along with advice for travellers with wheelchair and/or mobility scooters.

Airport luggage drop off and transfer service

A secure luggage drop off and transfers service operates from Barcelona Airport. You can drop off your luggage at Barcelona airport and have it delivered to your hotel. Useful if you don't want to be bothered with carrying heavy luggage or if you just want to get started with your holiday right away.

Lost Property

Procedures to take if you have lost property at Barcelona Airport. Lost property contact information, where to find the lost property office, operating hours, procedures to take if you have left the Spain and cannot personally go to the lost property office in person.

Baggage Storage

Left luggage storage facilities at Barcelona Airport. Operating times, baggage lockers and storage prices, Location of the baggage lockers, dimensions of the lockers and tips on how to use this baggage storage service.

Shops at the Airport

Shops located at Aeroport de Barcelona both the arrivals halls and the departures. Operating times, contact information, goods and services offered along with where they are situated.

Bureau de Change service- Foreign Exchange

The Bureau de Change at the airport. Foreign currency exchanges service- operating times, location, commission rates and refunds for IVA (VAT value added tax).

Restaurants at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 (T2)

Restaurants, cafes and eateries at Barcelona airport T2 (Terminal 2).

VIP Lounges

VIP Lounges at Barcelona's Airport. Lounges available for each airline, contact information for each VIP lounge, Location of the lounges along with their times of operation.

Wi-Fi Internet access points

Wi-Fi access points at Barcelona Airport. How to obtain access code to the Wi-Fi service, prices for service, how to purchase Wi-Fi credit and how to use the internet access points.

Parking at Barcelona Airport T1 and T2

Parking facilities at T1 short term and long term parking

Minibus transport from Barcelona Airport to your hotel

How to book the minibus transport from Barcelona Airport to your hotel.

Private car transfer from Barcelona Airport to your hotel

How to arrange a private transfer from Barcelona Airport to your hotel.

Public transport from Barcelona Airport to the City Centre.

Review of the different transport options from Barcelona Airport to your hotel.

Barcelona Airport Express Bus To And From The City Centre

How to book tickets for the Barcelona Airport express shuttle bus.

Barcelona City Pass

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