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Guide to the Bureau de Change at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 (T2) - Foreign Exchange

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If you wish to change your foreign currency, or you are a Non-European Union citizen and would like to claim a tax-free refund on your shopping, this is possible in La Caixa Bank at Barcelona Airport.

This page will explain where the foreign exchange is located, the opening hours, commission and the tax refund system.

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Where is the Bureau de Change at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 (T2)?

The bureau de change at Barcelona Airport is located in Terminal 2A (T2A). It is a La Caixa (one of the main Spanish banks) stand with two windows. It stands to the left of the food court area at the far right of the building as you enter.

Opening Hours

7 Days a week: 08:30 - 14:30

Commission on Currency Exchange at the Bureau de Change

There is no commission charged for changing foreign currency at Barcelona Airport. As exchange rates will vary throughout the year, these should be checked on arrival at the Bureau de Change.

Tax Refund Bureau de Change at Barcelona Airport

For those living outside of the European Union it is possible to gain a tax refund on certain items purchased during your trip. Value-added tax (IVA as it is known in Spain) is included in the price of items to cover social costs (e.g. roads and schools) within Spain - something that you will not benefit from on a long-term basis.

To claim your tax refund it is necessary to enquire at the particular shop when making a purchase as to whether the item is eligible to be tax-free. You will then require the Spain Refund Tax-Free form and proof of purchases.

As opposed to in T1, La Caixa Foreign Exchange at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 does not deal with the processing of these refund applications. You will need to head to the office that sits in T2B opposite the tourist information point and next to the cafe. The office has a white door. It does not have particular opening hours - you will need to ring a bell on the door to be allowed in. They will serve you here and will provide you with the refund if you can provide the necessary documentation. You will first need to get a stamp from customs.

Our Insider Tip

It is worth noting that on Saturdays there can be a queue for the foreign exchange office in T2. Therefore, if you will have a plane to catch it is important that you arrive at the airport with enough time to queue for the foreign exchange before heading through to departures.

Conditions in regards to what is required to claim your refund may vary. Therefore, for more information on what items are eligible for tax refunds and the process for claiming your tax refund, you should check our web page Tax-Free shopping in Barcelona.

The Bureau de Change at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 provides commission-free currency exchange. It may be a good idea to change some cash as soon as you have arrived at the airport to cover transport to the city and that first round of drinks and tapas. If you are exchanging large amounts of cash, ensure to keep them somewhere safe whilst getting to your accommodation.

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