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Guide to Facilities For People With A Disability at Barcelona Airport

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If you are a traveller with a disability or limited mobility, recent E.U. legislation (EC1107/2006) ensures that you have rights from the moment that you arrive at Barcelona International airport, until you arrive at your destination (and if this destination is within the E.U. you should receive the same service at the airport that you arrive at).

This page explains in detail your rights and the facilities that are available to you including booking your flights and what to do on arrival at Barcelona airport. You will also find details on parking for people with a disability, meeting points, requesting assistance and boarding your flight.

On this page I have covered the facilities for travellers with a disability and limited mobility both at the airport and whilst flying.

When planning your trip, it is important to remember that you will require services both from your airline (the company you are flying with, e.g. easyJet or British Airways) and from the airport itself (owned by an organization called Aena).

Barcelona City Pass

In regards to your flight, it is essential that you inform the airline of your requirements whilst in the process of making your booking.

The airport has special areas known as 'Meeting Points' that offer services for people with a disability, whether you have made advance provisions or not. N.B. these 'Meeting Points' deal specifically with customers with a disability - offering wheelchairs and assist with checking in at the airport. These meeting points are different from the standard areas allocated for general travellers to meet.

Before Travelling - Booking your flight as a traveller with a disability/limited mobility

  1. It is essential that you inform your airline of any special requirements that you have when booking.
  2. Unfortunately, some airlines will not allow you to fly unless you are accompanied by another traveller who is able-bodied. It is worth checking this in advance of booking.
  3. It is advised by the airport that you book your ticket at least 7 days prior to the flight, in order to give the flight company time to prepare. However, it is essential that you book at least 48 hours before flying. If you do not give them 48 hours advance notice, the airline staff cannot guarantee you will receive assistance.

On the day of travel - Facilities for traveller with a disability / limited mobility

  1. Airports within the European Union are legally obliged to provide assistance at each stage of the journey to travellers with a disability and limited mobility.
  2. If you are departing from Barcelona Airport you will be offered: collection from a 'Meeting Point' (a stand at which people with a disability can request assistance whilst at the airport - see below for more details), help with luggage, help with check-in, accompaniment to boarding area, accompaniment through the check-points, onto the flight and to your seat.
  3. If you are arriving at Barcelona airport and a person with a disability you will be offered: help with the following:
  4. handling your luggage:
    assistance in getting off the plane
    help in picking up your bags from the baggage hall if necessary
  5. transport there and assistance to an airport 'Meeting Point'.
  6. If you are at Barcelona Airport for a transfer flight you are legally entitled to assistance for everything necessary to board the connecting flight.

Requesting assistance from Barcelona Airport

The following information for people with a disability is specific for Terminal 2.

We also have another page if want information for facilities for people with a disability at T1

  1. It is advised to contact the airport prior to your trip to let them know about special requirements. There are various options for informing them of your visit:

    Tel: +34 91 321 1000 (Spain)
    Tel: +34 91 321 1000 (International)
    E-mail: Go to the Aena Website, click on 'request assistance' and fill in the form.

  2. However, it is important to remember that prior notification is not required in relation to assistance from the airport (although you will need to provide prior notification to the airline that you are travelling with - see above).
  3. The airport is dotted with stations known as 'Meeting Points'. See below for more information.

'Meeting Points' at Barcelona Airport

  1. Barcelona Airport is dotted with stations known as 'Meeting Points'. On arrival at the airport you should go to one of these points to request assistance whilst at the airport. The Meeting Points offer staff and wheelchairs that can be used throughout the airport.
  2. On arrival at the meeting point you should explain to the staff member what services you will need - if necessary they will accompany you through each stage at the airport and onto the flight.
  3. It is important to remember that you must go to the Meeting Points at least two hours before your flight time. If you do not do this, the airport cannot guarantee you the necessary assistance to ensure that you are on time for your flight.
  4. The 'Meeting Points' can be easily spotted as they have the international disabled sign (a person with a wheelchair) alongside an information sign and the name 'Sin Barreras'.

The meeting points for travellers with a disability/limited mobility at Terminal 2 are situated in the following places:

  1. Terminal 2C Interior Lobby
  2. Terminal 2C Car Park Air bridge
  3. Terminal 2C Arrivals/Departures Forecourt
  4. Terminal 2B Surface Car Park
  5. Terminal 2B Departures Lobby
  6. Terminal 2B Arrivals/Departures Forecourt
  7. Inter modal Car Park Building
  8. Inter modal Building Interior Public Lobby
  9. Inter modal Building Arrivals/Departures Forecourt
  10. Terminal 2A Car Park Air bridge
  11. Terminal 2A Arrivals/Departures Forecourt
  12. Railway Station

For maps as to where these are positioned see the Aena Website

Our Insider Tip

If you are flying to somewhere outside of the European Union remember that they may not necessarily provide 'Meeting Points' or an equivalent at these airports. It is worth researching ahead of time as to what facilities will be available at these airports.

Getting though the security checkpoints

  1. For security reasons you must pass through the checkpoints in the same way as the other passengers.
  2. If you will need assistance once you are in the departure lounge area it is helpful to let the airport know about this in advance - only those with security passes are allowed into this area. Therefore, a friend or family member without a flight ticket will not be allowed to accompany you into the departure area.
  3. If you have anything related to a medical condition that may be an issue when going through security, such as syringes or liquid medicine, it is important to bring a medical certificate or prescription to explain your circumstances.

What happens to my wheelchair or electric mobility scooter?

  1. If you have a folding wheelchair, this will be brought onto the plane with you and stored.
  2. If you have a mobility scooter or electronic wheelchair this will have to be stored in the hold - so, if you need a wheelchair for your time in the airport this should be requested when booking your flight.
  3. If you use a walking stick or crutches, don't worry if the staff take this from you once you are seated. This is just for the flight and will be returned to you once you land.

Secure Luggage Transfer Service

A secure and fully insured luggage transfer service operates to and from Barcelona Airport, Barcelona Cruise Port and Barcelona Sants station. The secure luggage transfer and optional storage service enables you to drop off your luggage, or have it picked up, and securely transferred to your final destination anywhere in Barcelona, e.g. your hotel, your cruise ship, the airport or any other destination. Click the button below to learn how this service works.

Secure Left Luggage Storage

There is a left luggage storage facility at the T2 where you can drop off your luggage and pick it up at a later date.

Parking for people with a disability at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2

Two of Barcelona Airport's three car parks at Terminal 2 provide parking for people with a disability. Car parks PC (in front of Terminal T2C) and PA (in front of Terminal T2A) have spaces reserved exclusively for parking for people with a disability.

In this page I have covered the main issues relating to airport travel for travellers with a disability and limited mobility. If you would like to check your rights in detail there is information relating to this is available on the Aena Website, where you will find a downloaded copy of the EU regulations. If you have any questions about what is covered in the page, contact us and we will do everything that we can to help with your query.

For detailed articles for the tourists with a disability and limited mobility to Barcelona please see the following page on our website: Barcelona for people with a disability.

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