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Guide to Lost Property at Barcelona Airport

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Lost Property at Barcelona Airport deal with objects that you have lost whilst at the airport, rather than luggage that may have been lost during transit. The lost property department is not simply a desk within Barcelona Airport itself; it is located in a separate and secure building. To enter the lost property department it is necessary to provide proof of identification.

The Spanish phrase for Lost Property is 'Objetos Perdidos'.

This page covers the location of lost property, the opening hours, the languages spoken by staff in lost property, contact details and the process required to retrieve your lost property.

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What to do if you think you have Lost Property at the Airport?

If you are still at Barcelona Airport it is best to go to the Lost Property department in 'Bloque Tecnico' (see below for where this is located). The person at the gate will ask why you wish to enter the building. They may not speak English so it is best to state 'objetos perdidos'. You will be asked to describe your lost object (see below for the hours when there are multilingual staff at the lost property) and will only be allowed into the building if they have found your lost object and that you have proof of identification (passport or NIE certificate).

If you have already left the airport, you will need to telephone the number below. Describe what you have lost, and they will check whether they have it. If they find your object, you will be given a reference number. When you go to pick up your item, you should bring this reference number, along with personal identification (passport or NIE certificate). You will need to pick up your object form 'Bloque Técnico' (see below for directions). If you are no longer in Barcelona you can send somebody else to pick up your item for you (see below for how to do this).

What to do if you cannot pick up your item from Lost Property

If you are no longer in Barcelona and cannot pick up your lost item yourself, the only other option that you have is to have somebody else pick up the item for you. You must provide authorization that this person can pick up your property.

To provide authorization it is necessary to send an e-mail. The e-mail should provide the full name of the person who will be picking up your item plus their passport or NIE number. When that person goes to pick up your item they must bring proof of identification (either passport, passport photocopy or NIE certificate) plus the item's reference number (see above for more details).

E-mail: [email protected]

Where is lost property office at Terminal 2?

Bloque Técnico Sign
Bloque Técnico Sign

Lost Property at Barcelona Airport is located inside a building called the 'Bloque Técnico'. This building sits in between Terminal 2B and 2C, slightly behind the Terminal 2 Buildings. It is behind the large Terminal 2C bus stop and has a large sign pointing to it.

You are required to sign into the building and will not be granted access without your passport or NIE number (a national insurance number given to residents of Spain)

Lost property opening times

Tel: +34 93 259 6440

Finding your lost property at Barcelona Airport is not a simple process. Tight security measures mean that you cannot simply speak to somebody face to face at lost property. If you have a Spanish-speaking friend it is worth asking them to help you out with speaking to the necessary people to find what you have lost. If not, then ensure that you persevere and do not let anybody let you feel as though the task is an inconvenience. If you are struggling to find help, speak to somebody directly at one of the Aena Airport information desks, located in Terminals 2A and 2B.

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