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Guide to the VIP Lounge at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2

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VIP lounge at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2

Canudas VIP Lounge (T2B)
Tel: +34 93 259 6427

Opening Hours: 06:00 - 21:00

Facilities on Offer:

Free drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
Free food (only snacks such as pastries and biscuits)
2 free computers with internet access in each lounge.

Barcelona airport Terminal 2 Canudas VIP lounge.

VIP parking

Depending on the ticket that you have purchased, this may offer you use of VIP Parking at Barcelona Airport. This is a private company offering parking in a small car park located directly in front of the airport, with private 24-hour surveillance. It can also offer car washing and petrol re-fills. This is something that you can enquire about to your flight company.

For more details on VIP Parking check our Guide to Barcelona Airport Parking and scroll down to the VIP Parking section.

Our Insider Tip

You no longer have to be linked to a certain airline or class of ticket to gain access to the VIP lounge in T2. If your ticket does not already grant you automatic access to the VIP lounge you can order online using the VIP lounge booking link on this page.

In general VIP lounges are dealt with by individual flight companies, Not all companies offer the eligibility to gain access to the VIP areas. If you are unsure as to whether your ticket entitles you to access, this is something that you should check with the flight company - you can make enquiries at the check-in desk, or prior to this when booking.

Our Insider Tip

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