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Wi-Fi Internet Points at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 (T2)

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The Wi-Fi Service at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 (T2) and Terminal 1 (T1) is provided by a company known as Eurona. There are several wireless internet points located throughout the airport where you can use your laptop, smartphone or tablet. If you do not have a device with you, but you want to use the internet, unfortunately, there is only one computer available in the airport (see below for more details). Therefore, if you plan on spending a reasonable amount of time at the airport and would like to be online whilst there, it is worth bringing your laptop with you.

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This page will cover how to get online at Barcelona Airport T2, where the Wi-Fi points are located, how much internet connection costs and where you can purchase prepay internet cards at the airport.

Where are the Wi-Fi Internet points at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2?

In T2 there are about 26 points where you can access wireless internet throughout Barcelona Airport T2. With this many connection points, you are likely to find that most of the airport is covered.

Terminal 1 however has complete coverage for the entire terminal.

Most of the connection points at T2 are located within eating establishments and VIP lounges - which may prove frustrating if you are not flying first class and don't want to have to buy a coffee simply to use your internet connection. If you cannot locate any of the internet point listed below, head to the airport information desk from where they will direct you.

Terminal 2A:
- Caffe di Fiore
- Medas Ready to Eat
- Pans & Company
- Terracotta
- Salvador Dalí VIP lounge
- Self Mediterráneo

Terminal 2B:
- Ars
- Aubépain
- Buffet Catalunya
- Caffe di Fiore
- Canudas VIP lounge
- Catalunya Meeting Rooms
- Europa
- Fresh and Ready
- La Pausa
- Medas Beer
- Pans & Company
- Plantaciones de Origen
- Restaurant Sant Jordi
- Tip Top Tapas
- The Food Gallery

Terminal 2C:
- Caffe di Fiore
- Medas Beer
- Medas Ready to Eat
- Restaurant Grill
- Café di Fior

Terminal 1 - Wifi Coverage for T1 is for the entire terminal and is not limited to specific shops and restaurants.

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How to Purchase Wi-Fi Internet Connection

It is possible to purchase the wireless internet connection either directly online with a credit card, or from shops selling prepay cards.

Credit Card or Paypal

If you wish to use your credit card to pay for time online, simply log-in to the Wi-Fi internet connection and fill in the form (as described below under 'How to Log-In to Wi-Fi Internet Connections at Barcelona Airport').

You can also pay for credit using paypal.

When purchasing the credit, there are two different types of credit available - 'time reducer' or 'voucher'. The 'time reducer' credit means that you can stop the minutes and return to them at a later date - the credit lasts up to six months. If you purchase 'voucher' credit, once you have logged in you will have to use the credit continually for the amount of time that you have purchased - you cannot stop the clock and re-start it again.

Prepaid Card

If you do not have a credit card, it is also possible to buy Wi-Fi internet credit with a prepaid card. These are available at two separate shops at Barcelona Airport T2- Divers (newsagents) and Crystal Media Shop.

There are two Divers shops in the Departures Lounge of Terminal 2B of Barcelona Airport. It is worth noting that at the Divers shops it is only possible to buy prepay cards for 30 minutes or 24 hours. There are Crystal Media Shops in the Departures Lounges of Terminal 2A and Terminal 2C at Barcelona Airport. At the Crystal Media Shops it is possible to buy a wider range of prepay cards for all of the varying lengths of time (see 'Price of Wi-Fi Internet Connection at Barcelona Airport' for the lengths of time available).

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If you have purchased the Eurona Wi-Fi credit but have not used it all up during your time at the airport you may find that you will be able to use the rest of it during your time in Barcelona (if you have purchased the 'time reducer' credit, rather than the 'voucher' credit - see above for more details). The company has a network with areas known as 'Hot spots' throughout the city. This means that there are connections in many hotels, convention centres, railway stations and restaurants in Barcelona. Check the Official Eurona Website for a list of where you can find a 'Hotspot' - at these places you will be able to continue using the credit that you have purchased.

Price of Wi-Fi Internet Connection

30 minutes: €0.00

45 minutes: €7.50

1 hour: €9.00

24 hours: €15.00

1 month (720 hours): €70.00

How to Log-In to Wi-Fi Internet At The Airport

  1. If your laptop, smartphone or tablets has a Wi-Fi card you must first go to one of the points at Barcelona Airport where internet is available (see above for a list of these points).
  2. You should then open the browser on your laptop and connect to the network known as 'Eurona'.
  3. At this point you will be asked to create a username and password. If you have bought a prepaid card you will find the username and password on this. If you wish to pay by credit card you will be asked to fill in your details at this point.
  4. Once you have logged in you will be able to use the internet for the full amount of time that you have purchased.
  5. If you are finished with the internet, simply log out of the network. You will be able to continue using your remaining minutes at a later time by simply logging in again with the username and password that you now have.

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If you do not have a laptop, smartphone or tablet but would like to use the internet whilst at the airport there is only one computer that is available. This is located in the Smile Shop in the Arrivals area at Terminal 2A. It is a coin operated machine that provides internet access.

Once you have understood how to use the Wi-Fi wireless internet service at Barcelona Airport it is a quick and easy process. If you do not plan on using all of the credit that you have purchased whilst at the airport, ensure to keep a note of your username and password so that you can log in again at the different location on next time you are at Barcelona Airport.

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