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Which Airport To Fly To When Visiting Barcelona?

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It can often be confusing when booking flights to Barcelona. There is only one airport actually in Barcelona which is called El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto however there are 2 other airports nearby, Girona and Reus which are approximately 120km outside Barcelona that offer you access to Barcelona via transfer services.

Girona airport and Reus Airport are attractive for tourists since they are host to cheap flights by the low cost airlines. However, when booking your flights it is worth calculating how much the saving will actually be after you have paid for your transfer to Barcelona. You may find that this is cancelled out by the cost of transport into Barcelona city centre. Or you may simply decide that the saving that you will make is not worth the extra time lost or trouble involved.

Barcelona City Pass

However, there are times when the money saved can be significant, making it worth the extra effort to fly to these smaller airports. If this is the case and you decide to fly into Girona or Reus for a trip to Barcelona, it is worth planning the whole trip in advance. Do not find yourself arriving late at night at one of these airports with no plans for how to get into Barcelona. See below for transfers in Barcelona city centre from the various airports.

Also, if you are travelling to somewhere outside of Barcelona you may find that Girona or Reus airports bring you closer to where you need to be. Reus is close to areas such as Tarragona, Salou and Cambrils. Girona is a beautiful city in its own right. It is also closest to the beach towns along the Costa Brava.

This page explains where each airport is and how to reach Barcelona from each airport.

Barcelona International Airport: El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto (13km from Barcelona City Centre)

Barcelona Airport El Prat de Llobregat is the Airport closest to Barcelona. It sits 13 kilometres South of Barcelona city centre. It is also the largest of the three airports mentioned above and offers you the widest range of international flights.

Barcelona Airport El Prat de Llobregat
Barcelona Airport El Prat de Llobregat

Transfer from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona City Centre

Barcelona Airport offers direct access to Barcelona by both train and bus. Taxi is also an option.

Taxi Fare: €30.00 - €40.00

Girona Airport (100 km from Barcelona Centre)

Girona Airport is the second closest airport to Barcelona. It sits approximately 100 kilometres North of Barcelona city centre. It is inland and the town itself of Girona is a popular tourist destination.

It is important to note that Girona Airport is not walking distance from the city centre of Girona. To travel to Barcelona from Girona Airport it is first necessary to take a short bus journey into the city centre - from there you can catch a bus or a train. However, there are also coaches that run directly from Girona Airport to Barcelona city centre - these are scheduled to coincide with Ryanair flights.

Our Insider Tip

You may find that you will see signs and information referring to both 'Girona' and 'Gerona'. Do not be thrown by this. They all refer to the same place - it is simply that one is in Catalan and the other is in Castellano (Spanish).

Transfer from Girona Airport to Barcelona City Centre

For more information on the various options, prices, journey times, access and luggage space for people with a disability, see our Transport Options for Transfer from Girona Airport to Girona Centre and to other Destinations.

Reus Airport (120 km from Barcelona city centre)

Of the three airports, Reus is the furthest from Barcelona. It sits approximately 120 kilometres South of Barcelona. It is closer to the coast than Girona Airport and may be a popular airport choice for those taking beach holidays in Cambrils and Salou.

Like Girona Airport, Reus Airport is not close enough to Reus' city centre to walk between the two. Unfortunately, unlike Girona Airport, there is no coach service that goes directly from Reus Airport to Barcelona city centre. It is necessary to travel by bus to Reus city centre and then take a coach from there.

Our Insider Tip

If you are taking a flight that arrives late in the evening it is important to check ahead to see whether the bus will still be running from Reus city centre to Barcelona. If not, you may have to catch a taxi to Barcelona or alternatively stay the night in Reus centre.

Taxi Fare: €185.00

Transfer from Reus Airport to Barcelona City Centre

For more information on the various options, prices, journey times, access and luggage space for people with a disability, see our Transfer Between Reus and Barcelona - Trains, Buses and Private Taxi.

Transfers Between Barcelona, Reus and Girona Airports

You may need to make transfers between the airports.

Before booking your flight to Barcelona it is worth weighing up the pros and cons of flying into each airport. The times of your flight and where you are actually staying during your trip may have an effect on how affordable or convenient each option is.

Our Insider Tip

Get your luggage delivered where you want, when you want it, with a secure, low-cost luggage transport service

A baggage management service operates from Barcelona airport, where you can drop off your bags with them and they will deliver it to your desired location in Barcelona, e.g. your hotel, apartment, cruise port or any other destination. Currently, there are no lockers or left-luggage services at Barcelona airport, so this service offers you a convenient and stress-free way of transporting your luggage wherever you need.

Listed below are the main reasons to consider this luggage transport service:

Save on transportation costs: If you are travelling in a group, fitting everyone's luggage in a single taxi may not be possible. This service provides an affordable solution to hiring multiple taxis.

Time-Saving: If you attend an event, conference, or football match, you want to save time dropping off your luggage at your accommodation first. You can drop off your bags and the baggage management service and go straight to your event. You will find your bags in your room when you visit your hotel later.

Ideal for short visits: If you only have a short time in Barcelona, this service can enable you to make the most of your visit. You can drop off your bags at the airport and start sightseeing immediately. Excellent for families, large groups and older people that may have difficulties carrying luggage.

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