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Barcelona Airport Travel Services You Can Arrange in Advance of Your Trip

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This page will list useful services available from Barcelona Airport that you can arrange in advance of your trip to ensure you have peace of mind and a smooth arrival at Barcelona. We list each service below with a short description and provide you with an online booking links to make your reservations. It is good to know you have these essential services arranged in advance so that you can relax on your flight knowing that everything is arranged and ready for you when you arrive. No need to worry about finding the right cash or if you are being overcharged. Everything below can be booked and paid for online before your trip.

Transport from Barcelona Airport to your hotel

There are different transport options available from Barcelona Airport:

Hola Barcelona Travel Pass: Unlimited travel on Barcelona public transport systems

The Hola Barcelona Travel Pass will give you unlimited travel on Barcelona public transport (metro, TMB buses, regional railway and urban railway in zone 1, tram, Montjuic funicular) including the Barcelona Airport metro line (Orange Line, L9), the TMB bus from/to Barcelona Airport and the Barcelona Airport RENFE R2 train.

You can book the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass until the very last minute as you’ll instantly receive a redemption code to your email that you’ll need to insert in any ticket vending machine at any metro or train station.

Barcelona Card: Unlimited travel on Barcelona public transport + free entry and discounts at Barcelona museums and attractions

Besides unlimited travel on Barcelona public transport, the Barcelona Card will give you free entry on more than 20 museums in Barcelona and discounts on other more than 30 museums and attractions, tours and flamenco shows.

You can book the Barcelona Card until the very last minute and pick it up at the Tourist Information at Barcelona Airport T1 and T2 between 8.30 am and 8.30pm (or at the Tourist Information in the city centre).

Barcelona Airport Left Luggage & Luggage transfer

If you are traveling with extra luggage you don’t need for you stay or you want to go straight from the airport to the city center without worrying about your luggage or you arrive earlier than your check-in time, the left luggage at Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 and 2 and the luggage transfer and delivery service available from Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 and 2 might be the solution for you.

Parking at Barcelona Airport

If you're driving with your own car to Barcelona Airport and need to park it whilst you're away, you can secure your car spot in advance.

Other useful services in Barcelona that you can book in advance

Left Luggage & Luggage transfer
Do you need to store your luggage before checking in or after checking out your accommodation? Do you need a safe place to a backpack, shopping bags or a pushchair during a few hours ? Or would you like your luggage picked up from your accommodation and delivered at the airport or cruise port ?
There is a left luggage with individual lockers near Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona City Center and a luggage transfer and delivery service that picks your luggage up at your accommodation.

If you’re hiring a car in Barcelona, you might want to know where to park it safely and to book your parking in advance to secure your spot as car parks fill up quickly or have limited spaces.

Most popular city passes & activities people book in advance

Barcelona City Pass

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