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Barcelona Airport Hotels

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We have listed the hotels closest to Barcelona airport below.

Barcelona Airport's Terminal 2 (T2) is only a 20 - 25 minute taxi drive from the city centre, and Terminal 1 (T1) is 30 - 35 minutes from the city centre. So it is worth remembering that you will have a far greater choice of accommodation if you head into the city centre. However, if your main concern is close proximity to the airport, you will find a handful of business-orientated hotels that are within five to ten minutes drive of the airport terminals.

Our Insider Tip

Remember that, although many of these hotels are close, they are not accessible by foot. They can only be reached by major roads that would be dangerous for pedestrians. For this reason, most of the larger airport hotels provide shuttle services from Barcelona airport to the hotel and back. See below for more details.

Most of the hotels that are closest to the airport are four star. The cheaper hotels are generally located in the nearby town of El Prat - a ten minute drive from the airport.

Four star hotels close to the Airport

Best Western Alfa Airport Hotel

Hotel Renaissance Aeroport

Barcelona Aeropuerto Hotel

Hotel Sallés Ciutat del Prat

How to get to your accommodation

All of the four star hotels close to Barcelona Airport provide shuttle bus services between T2 of the airport and the hotel. Some hotels ask that you call in advance to request their shuttle bus - others simply do round trips at regular intervals - you will need to check each of our individual reviews for details of how to catch the bus.

For transport to the hotels from T1 you will need to the Car Park Parking G - a three-minute walk from the terminal building. Here the hotel shuttle buses will pick you up and drop you off.

For transport from T2 You will find an area outside T2A and an area outside T2C where the hotel shuttle buses pick people up and drop them off. These can be spotted as they provide a large metal sign with the logos for each of the hotels that provide shuttle buses.

Some of the hotel shuttle buses do not run all night. If this is the case with your hotel and you are arriving in the middle of the night, you may need to get a taxi to the hotel.

Barcelona City Pass

Taxis to hotels close to Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport Taxis
Taxis at Barcelona Airport

The minimum fare for a taxi from the airport is irrespective of how short the journey. This may be a tad frustrating if your hotel is only five minutes from the airport. However, this is a necessary evil if there are no shuttle buses running. As there are no other transport options.

Minimum taxi fare from the airport: €20.00

There are a handful of hotels close to Barcelona Airport catering particularly for those travelling to and from Barcelona Airport. Check each individual review for detailed information on each individual hotel.

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