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Transfers from Barcelona Airport to Popular Destinations in Catalunya And Around

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Many people flying into Barcelona Airport on holidays are not just heading into Barcelona. Barcelona Airport services tourists for the whole of Catalunya and beyond. This page will provide links to specific pages dealing with transfer options for destinations in around Catalunya as well as other surrounding areas.

I have researched the various transport option for transfers to the most popular destinations for those arriving into Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2). There are links to in-depth pages for each destinations. These in-depth pages cover transfer options via train, coach, bus and taxi for each destination mentioned. They also provide advice on what option may be the most convenient and the most affordable.

Barcelona City Pass

To Girona

It is important to remember that Girona Airport is not within Girona city centre itself. Therefore, I have provided transfer options for travelling to Barcelona City Centre and then transferring to Girona Airport. If you are planning a trip that involves a transfer from Barcelona airport to Girona Airport it is important to note that there are no direct modes of transport between the airports - transferring could be complicated and will involve at least one change.

To Reus

As with Girona, Reus airport is outside of its city centre. Therefore, I have provided different pages detailing travel to Reus' city centre and Reus airport. There is a direct coach that leaves from Barcelona Airport to the centre of Reus - this could prove useful if your flight coincides with one of the coach times.

To Sitges

Barcelona Airport is closer to Sitges than Barcelona itself. Unfortunately there is no direct train to Sitges from Barcelona Airport. Therefore, if you wish to catch the train, it is necessary to catch the RENFE train from the airport and get off at the first stop called El Prat de Llobregat then change here for the train to Sitges.

There are also regular coaches from Barcelona airport to Sitges.

Coaches run from Terminal 1 (T1). Follow the link below to our detailed article for more information.

Our Insider Tip

There are no coaches form outside T2 to Sitges. Therefore, if you are flying into T2, it will be necessary to take a shuttle bus to T1 to catch the coach. See the article for more details.

To Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is lined with coastal beach towns that are popular for holidaymakers. I have provided a general page for transfer options to various spots in the Costa Brava. I have also provided individual transfer pages for two of the Costa Brava's most popular areas - Lloret de Mar and Calella.

For many of the smaller places in the Costa Brava, you will find that it is necessary to travel to the area of Blanes - from there more regional bus or train options will be available.

To Perpignan

Due to the fact that Perpignan is in France, when planning your trip you will have to prepare for a trip over the border (don't forget your passport!). It is a complicated trip from the border town of Port Bou to your final destination. If you cannot get the one daily direct train from Barcelona to Perpignan it may be worth considering the coach.

To Murcia

There are no direct transport options from Barcelona Airport to Murcia. It will be necessary to head into the city centre of Barcelona to avail of transfers to Murcia. However, from Barcelona there are various convenient options.

Tarragona and its surrounding area.

Tarragona sits at the centre of the Costa Daurada. In its surrounding area there are popular tourist destination such as Cambrils and Salou. A direct coach from the airport services the seaside towns - including Salou and Cambrils. A separate bus from the airport will take you to Tarragona. If you are taking the train the same line leads to the various destinations.

Transfer options from Barcelona Airport vary in convenience. If you are lucky, there will be a bus you can book in advance that travels directly from the airport to your final destination. However, if this is not the case you will need to make you way to Barcelona city centre and then arrange other transport from there.

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