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Guide to Transfer from Barcelona Airport to Murcia

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Murcia is both a region and a city, South of Catalunya. There are no direct trains or coaches from Barcelona Airport to Murcia. However, once you enter Barcelona city centre, there are both coach and train options for getting to the region of Murcia.

This page covers the various options for transferring from Barcelona Airport to the centre of Murcia - the centre is known as 'Ciudad de Murcia'. Options include train, coach, bus, car and taxi.

Murcia is a whole region, however, on this page I will supply transfer details to Murcia's capital, the City of Murcia ('Ciudad de Murcia'). If you wish to travel to other parts of the region from the capital you should check train and bus routes from there.

Transfer to Murcia from Barcelona Airport by Train

Barcelona Sants Station
Barcelona Sants Station

There are no direct trains that travel directly from Barcelona Airport to Murcia. Therefore, it is necessary to take a train from Barcelona airport into the centre of Barcelona to head out towards the south of Spain.

Take the Barcelona Airport Train - The R2 Nord to Estació Sants. At Estació Sants you will need to change. If you are arriving into Terminal 1 (T1) you will not be able to walk straight to the train station, as it is 4km away. You will need to take a shuttle bus from outside the terminal.

The train company that runs directly from Barcelona to Murcia is Talgo. There are generally three trains per day that are scheduled to do this journey. To find out the time of the trains it is necessary to go to the RENFE website and search the journey from Barcelona to Murcia del Carmen. The journey lasts approximately 6.5 hours.


Barcelona Nord Bus Station
Barcelona Nord Bus Station

There is no coach directly from Barcelona Airport to Murcia. You will have to go into the centre of Barcelona to catch a coach - coaches only run from Barcelona Nord bus station. Alsa coaches run from twice a day from Barcelona Nord Coach Station.

If you are coming from the airport, there is no direct route from the airport to Barcelona Nord. A taxi will take approximately 25 minutes from T2. From T1 a taxi will take approximately 30 minutes.

Taxi Fare from Airport T1: €35.00
Taxi Fare from Airport T2: €30.00

Alternatively, you can catch the Barcelona Airport Train - The R2 Nord to El Clot (see above for how to get to the train station from T1). This is a 30 minute journey and trains run twice an hour. From Clot you will need to change to the Metro - take the (Red Line, L1) from Clot to Arc de Triomf. Barcelona Nord coach station is located directly outside the Arc de Triomf train station - right in front of you when exiting the Metro.

Catching the bus to Barcelona city centre is another option for getting to Barcelona Nord coach station. The Aerobus Barcelona Airport Express Bus (from both T1 and T2) and the normal TMB Airport Bus (No.46) and the Barcelona Airport Night bus N17 (T1) and N18 (T1, T2A, T2B, T2C) go to and from Barcelona Airport to Plaça España. From Plaça España you can change to the Metro and take the (Red Line, L1) directly to Arc de Triomf.

Check the Alsa Coach Website for the times of the trains and the prices.

The coach journey lasts approximately 9 hours and the regularity of the coaches vary depending on the day (there can be up to 6 per day).


There is no direct bus from Barcelona Airport to Murcia. It is necessary to head towards the city centre and take a coach or train from there. The Aerobus Barcelona Airport Express Shuttle Bus travels to Plaça España (see above for how to travel from Plaça d'España to the coach stop). The TMB Airport Bus No 46 and the Airport Night buses N17 and N18 go to Plaça España, but not to Estació Sants.


The distance from Barcelona Airport to Murcia is approximately 470 km. This will take about five - six hours in a taxi.

Taxi Fare: €800.00

Our Insider Tip

It is often easy to forget just how large Spain is. A journey from Barcelona to Murcia will take up a considerable amount of time. It may be worth considering taking a night bus or train - not only does this ensure that you don't waste too much holiday time, it also saves money on a night of accommodation.

We recommend it is important when planning your holiday to book your internal travel in advance. Do not just arrive at the airport presuming that transfers will be simple - there may be no spaces left or you may have a lot of time to kill before the next transport link is available. If this is all organized, transferring from Barcelona Airport to Murcia should be fairly simple.

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