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Guide to Transfer from Barcelona Airport to Perpignan

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Many tourists to Barcelona and Catalunya also factor in a trip to the South of France. Catalunya shares its border with the South East of France. It is approximately 150 kilometres from Barcelona to Perpignan. Transfer links from Barcelona Airport to Perpignan are straightforward. Although there's no direct public transport available from the airport, however there are frequent direct trains from Barcelona city centre to Perpignan daily - potentially making trains a good option.

This page covers the various options for transferring from Barcelona Airport to the centre of Perpignan. Options include train, coach, bus, car and taxi.

Transfer to Perpignan from Barcelona Airport by Train

There are no direct trains from Barcelona Airport to Perpignan. Therefore, it is necessary to take a train into the centre of Barcelona to head out towards France.

Barcelona Airport Train Station
Barcelona Airport Train Station

Take the Barcelona Airport Train - The R2 Nord to Estació Sants. Estació Sants is a train station in Barcelona city centre where you will catch your train to France. If you are arriving into Terminal 1 (T1) of the Barcelona International Airport you will not be able to walk straight to the train station, as it is 4km away. You will need to take a shuttle bus from outside the terminal.

There are direct trains that run from Barcelona to Perpignan from Estació Sants. These train services are a result of partnership between Spanish (RENFE) and French (SNCF) high-speed railway networks.

There are 7 trains that run daily in summer, 6 in spring, 5 in autumn and 5 in winter. So even if your flight does not coincide with one of the trains you don't have to worry as there is always going to be another one. In general the first train to Perpignan departs at around 07:00 and the last one at about 18:00 with intervals of 2 - 4 hours between the trains. In summer there is one extra train in the morning that departs approximately at 06:00.

To find out the exact timetable for these trains it is necessary to go to the RENFE-SNCF website and search the journey from Barcelona to Perpignan.

The journey time from Barcelona to Perpignan by RENFE-SNCF trains is 1 hour and 21 minutes. The trains are comfortable, there is a bar carriage and you will enjoy picturesque views during your journey. It is possible to bring up to three items of luggage without any extra charge. Or you could take your bicycle with you (120 cm x 90 cm) free of charge as well. Pets (under 10 kg) are also allowed, but they have to be carried in a cage or a special container. The trains are accessible for travellers with a disability.

Train Journey form Barcelona Airport to Perpignan:

Stage 1: Barcelona Airport to Estació Sants (change trains)
Stage 2: Estació Sants train to Perpignan.


There is no coach directly from Barcelona Airport to Perpignan. You will have to go into the centre of Barcelona to catch a coach - from either Estació Sants or Barcelona Nord. Eurolines coaches run 4 - 5 times a day from both coach stations.

If you are coming from the airport, it is easiest to catch the Barcelona Airport Train - The R2 Nord to Estació Sants (see above for how to get to the train station from T1). This is a twenty-minute journey and trains run twice an hour. Barcelona Sants coach station is located directly outside the train station - to the left of the main entrance when exiting. Check the Eurolines Website for the times of the coaches and the prices.

The journey lasts 3 - 4 hours and the regularity of the coaches vary depending on the day.


Barcelona Sants Station
Barcelona Sants Station

There is no direct bus from Barcelona Airport to Perpignan. It is necessary to head towards the city centre and take a coach or train from there. The Aerobus Airport Express Bus travels to Plaça España. From Plaça España you can take the green line of the Metro two stops to Estació Sants. From Estació Sants you can take both the train and the coach to Perpignan (see above for more details).


The distance from Barcelona Airport to Perpignan is approximately 150 km. This will take about two hours in a taxi.

Taxi Fare: €170.00

Our Insider Tip

If there are a group of you travelling to Perpignan from Barcelona Airport, it may be worth hiring a car. The coastal drive is picturesque. You could also save time and money and if you split the price of car rental and petrol this may prove cheaper than individual coach tickets.

Travelling from Barcelona Airport to Perpignan is simple. If you plan in advance and weigh up the pros and cons of the various transport options you can find the most affordable and convenient route for you.

Our Insider Tip

Get your luggage delivered where you want, when you want it, with a secure, low-cost luggage transport service

A baggage management service operates from Barcelona airport, where you can drop off your bags with them and they will deliver it to your desired location in Barcelona, e.g. your hotel, apartment, cruise port or any other destination. Currently, there are no lockers or left-luggage services at Barcelona airport, so this service offers you a convenient and stress-free way of transporting your luggage wherever you need.

Listed below are the main reasons to consider this luggage transport service:

Save on transportation costs: If you are travelling in a group, fitting everyone's luggage in a single taxi may not be possible. This service provides an affordable solution to hiring multiple taxis.

Time-Saving: If you attend an event, conference, or football match, you want to save time dropping off your luggage at your accommodation first. You can drop off your bags and the baggage management service and go straight to your event. You will find your bags in your room when you visit your hotel later.

Ideal for short visits: If you only have a short time in Barcelona, this service can enable you to make the most of your visit. You can drop off your bags at the airport and start sightseeing immediately. Excellent for families, large groups and older people that may have difficulties carrying luggage.

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