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How to Transfer from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona City Centre

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If you are flying into Barcelona Airport, there is a high chance that you will then need to head to Barcelona city centre - whether to transfer to your accommodation or as an intermediary stage to going somewhere else or as your final holiday destination. Getting from Barcelona Airport to the city centre is relatively quick and simple.

Transportation signs at Barcelona Airport
Transportation signs at Barcelona Airport

On this page I have provided a short summary of the transfer options from Barcelona Airport open to you, which are:
1. Bus shuttle transfer
2. Private transfer service
3. Aerobus express bus
4. Public bus service
5. Barcelona airport train
6. Barcelona airport metro
7. Taxi service
8. Transfers from / to Barcelona Cruise Terminal
9. Transfers from / to destinations outside of Barcelona

I have also included links to more detailed pages for each mode of transport. On the detailed pages you will find specific information regarding travel times, frequencies, prices, luggage space and capacities.

Aerobus Express Bus

The Aerobus is an express shuttle bus running between Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 and 2 and Barcelona city centre.

The Aerobus is spacious and has plenty of luggage space.

The Aerobus line that runs from Barcelona Airport to the city and has four stops in Barcelona:
1. Plaça España
2. Gran Via - Urgell
3. Plaça Universitat
4. Plaça de Catalunya

Each stop is located next to a metro underground station, which allows you to continue by metro to your destination if necessary.

It's a cheap and convenient transport option from Barcelona Airport especially if you travel light.

Ticket Price

Single ticket: €6.75
Return ticket: €11.65
Return ticket valid: 90 days

You can book up to the very last minute and get your mobile tickets instantly sent to your mobile phone.

 If you want to know more about the Aerobus Express bus before booking your tickets we recommend you to click on the link below:

Public Bus transfer

There are various public bus services travelling from Barcelona Airport to the city centre. It is worth checking each individual bus option that we have given on our pages to determine which is best suited to you. The Aerobus airport Express bus is more expensive than the normal Barcelona public TMB buses, however it is only for people travelling between Barcelona Airport and the city centre and more frequent.

Click on the links below for detailed explanations of each bus service. Our dedicated pages also explain the pros and cons of each service - allowing you to decide for yourself which is best suited to your needs.

For individual breakdowns of each bus service, check each bus service separately: 

Barcelona Airport Train

[image ALT text]
Barcelona Airport train station

The airport train from Barcelona Airport runs twice per hour and heads into Barcelona city centre. It stops at three main stations - Estació Sants, Passeig de Gràcia and El Clot. Estació Sants is also useful if you need to take a train or a coach to other parts of Spain. All three stations are also useful if you wish to take the Metro to various areas around the city.

Ticket Price
Single ticket: €4.60
Included with the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass

Barcelona Airport Metro L9

The L9 metro link connect Barcelona Airport to the city centre. There are two stops at Barcelona airport which are called: Aeroport T1 and Aeroport T2.

Airport metro
Single ticket: €5.15
Included with the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass

For more information on the metro connection to the city centre see our page on Travelling to Barcelona Airport on the Metro system.

Our Insider Tip

Did you know you can enjoy unlimited travel on Barcelona public transport including the airport train, the airport metro
and the airport public bus while saving time and money?

Hola Barcelona Travel Pass

Barcelona Airport RENFE R2 train
Barcelona Airport metro (Orange Line, L9)
Barcelona metro
Barcelona Airport TMB bus
Barcelona TMB buses
Regional railway (Rodalies de Catalunya in Zone 1)

Transfers by taxi

[image ALT text]
Taxis at Barcelona Airport

Taxis from Barcelona Airport take approximately 20 - 25 minutes to travel into the city centre from T2 and 25 - 30 minutes from T1. They have a minimum payment. If you are travelling individually or in a pair you may find it just as easy to take the Airport express bus (Aerobus) - it takes the same amount of time to travel into the city and is far cheaper than a taxi. However, if you are travelling in a larger group a taxi journey may prove to be just as cheap as a journey on the Aerobus.

Taxi Fare from Airport T1: €35.00
Taxi Fare from Airport T2: €30.00
Minimum taxi fare from the airport: €20.00

With taxis it is important to remember that surcharges are added for travelling at weekends, late night travel, during a fiesta or for pickup or drop off at the airport or cruise terminals. All surcharges are clearly displayed on a window sticker on the windows at the back of the cab. The surcharges are entered into the meter by the taxi driver at the end of the ride.

 If you want to know more about taxis at Barcelona Airport we recommend you to click on the link below: 

Transfers from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona Pier and Cruise ship terminals

If you are travelling to Barcelona Airport to transfer to a cruise ship you will need to get to Barcelona Pier at the bottom of the Ramblas. Surprisingly, there are no direct transfers from the Airport to the Pier (Barcelona Cruise Terminals). For this reason, many people simply choose to take a taxi to the pier. However, if you would prefer to research cheaper transfer options, once you are in Barcelona city centre the pier is relatively easy to reach.

Transfers from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona City Centre are abundant and generally fairly convenient. It is worth checking these various pages ahead of your trip and making a decision on which way is best to travel. On arrival at Barcelona Airport there are an abundance of options that may make it confusing in the general hubbub. There are various factors to take into consideration - how many people are travelling, how much luggage you have, how much time you have and how much money you are willing to spend.

How to arrange transport from Barcelona Airport to destinations outside of Barcelona

We have put together some pages showing you how to arrange your transport from Barcelona Airport to a number of popular resort destinations outside of Barcelona. Follow the links below to learn more.

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