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Airport Transport Overview
Metro and Trains
Car Hire
Limousine Service
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Airport Transport Overview

Barcelona Airport Transport Options

Transport and transfer choices to and from Barcelona International airport. Buses, coaches, RENFE train and public taxis to Barcelona and other parts of Spain.


Private airport transfers

Your own personal driver waiting to pick you up at your arrival gates. These services run independently of the public transport system and therefore continue to operate even if there are public transport strike actions.

Mini Bus Transfers

Minibus transfers from Barcelona airport to the city centre. These services run independently of the public transport system and therefore a convenient and cheap means of transfer that is not affected by public transport strikes.


Barcelona Taxi Guide

Complete guide to the Barcelona official taxis service, operating hours, Barcelona taxi prices, how to flag down a taxi, how to get a taxi from Barcelona airport, cruise port, how to book, payment facilities, baby and child seats and more.

Taxi Service From Barcelona Airport

The official Barcelona Taxis service from Barcelona International Airport. Taxi Fare, capacity limitations, operating hours, supplementary fees along with general advice. Complaints procedure, facilities for people with a disability and how to hire a van taxi.


Aerobus (A1 and A2) - Barcelona Airport Express Shuttle Bus

The Barcelona airport express bus services (A1 and A2) running from both T1 and T2. Services that run between Barcelona Airport and the city centre. Ticket prices, operating times, Aerobus route, baggage space allocation, payment of fare and access facilities for the traveler with a disability.

TMB Airport Bus Transfer to city centre

Bus transfer from Barcelona city centre to the airport with the TMB bus service. Bus operating times, ticket prices, and locations of the bus stops where to catch the bus along with journey times under normal operating road conditions.

Bus Options to Barcelona city centre

Buses that operate between the Barcelona city centre and Barcelona airport. Aerobus service (express bus service, A1 and A2), the TMB bus and the NitBus (night bus service).

Night bus transfer: from city centre to Airport in Barcelona

Night bus transfer from Barcelona city centre from the airport. Night bus times, prices, where to catch the NitBus along with travel times.

Shuttle bus transfer between T1 and T2

Barcelona airport shuttle bus transfer between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Bus stop locations, transfer duration, and operating hours for the shuttle bus services between T1 and T2 El Prat de Llobregat airport.

Metro And Trains

Train - The R2 Nord Train Service Running to The City Centre

Information on Barcelona Airport's train to the city centre. Ticket prices, operating times, route, luggage space on the train, ticket payment options.

Metro to Barcelona Airport

The L9 Sud metro link to Barcelona airport.

Car Hire

Car Hire Companies

Options hiring a car at the Aeroport de Barcelona. Car hire agencies at Barcelona international airport including Europcar, Hertz, Enterprise, Avis and Solmar. Location, contact information, opening times.

Petrol Station

If you have hired a car at the airport you may have to "fill her up" before you go. This page has details of a Petrol station at Barcelona international airport. How to travel to the petrol station along with operating hours for filling your tank. Includes links to car hire companies at the airport.

Limousine Service

Limousine Service

Want to travel into town like a movie star? This page outlines limousine services that operate from Barcelona airport to the city centre. We include the company names, addresses and telephone numbers for each service.


Barcelona airport parking

Barcelona airport parking facilities. Ticket payment points, fares and tariffs for parking, parking information points, VIP parking and location of car parks.

Long Stay Parking at Barcelona Airport

Car park long stay parking at Barcelona Airport: a guide to leaving your vehicle on a long-term basis. Rates, location, contact details and the shuttle bus from the two terminals to long stay parking.

Miscellaneous Information

Transfer from cruise terminals to Barcelona Airport (and Vice Versa)

Options for travelling from Barcelona pier (Cruise Ship Terminals / docks ) to Barcelona airport. Trains, buses, coaches and taxis transfer options. Plus advice on the most convenient options of transfer to meet your needs.

Barcelona City Pass

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