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The Aerobus - Barcelona Airport Express Bus To And From The City Centre

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There are several different transfer buses going to and from Barcelona Airport. The Aerobus is the Barcelona Airport express shuttle bus that takes you to and from the airport and the city centre.

An Aerobus (A2) outside Corte Inglès department store in Plaça Catalunya.
An Aerobus (A2) outside Corte Inglès department store in Plaça Catalunya.

The other buses that are available for transfer between the airport and centre are the TMB Airport Bus Number 46 and the Night Bus N17 and N16 (operated by MOHN). These other buses are cheaper, however they are slower, less frequent and provide less space for luggage.

There are Aerobuses going to both T1 and T2.

Aerobuses look different to the standard Barcelona TMB buses. The Aerobuses for T1 and T2 are light and dark blue and have 'Aerobus' written down the side in a bubbly style of writing.

This page covers where to catch the Barcelona Airport express buses, the bus route, the capacity of the vehicle, the luggage space on the express bus, disabled access to the express bus, journey times, prices and payment methods.

Where to catch the Barcelona airport express buses A1 and A2?

Aerobus at Placa Catalunya

The Aerobus stops at various locations in Barcelona centre. See below, under 'Bus Route of Barcelona Airport Express Bus' for the list of drop off and pick up points. The main bus stops in Barcelona city centre are at Plaça Catalunya and Plaça Espanya which are also Barcelona's main transport hubs. At Barcelona Airport there are stops outside each of the terminals.

Tip There are two terminals T1, and T2 at Barcelona airport and there are also two separate Aerobus services for each terminal. Therefore, when you are waiting at the bus stop in the town centre, ensure that you are getting on the Aerobus that takes you to the terminal that you require. If you are unsure, ask the driver. If not you can end up at the wrong terminal and you could have as much as a 30 minutes additional transfer time to travel from one terminal to the other.

Aerobus bus stop location at Plaça Catalunya

Plaça Catalunya has bus stops around its edges for many different bus services. It is necessary to head to the bus stop directly outside El Corte Inglés department store - on your right if you are coming from the Ramblas. This is the busiest Aerobus stop and it can be quite confusing if you are not sure which Aerobus to take. During busy times there is a member of staff at this bus stop - simply tell them which airline you are flying with and they will tell you which bus you need to take.

You will note that there are two separate queues - one for the Aerobus (A1) to Terminal 1 (T1) and one for the Aerobus (A2) to Terminal 2 (T2).

The Aerobus queue for T1 is located towards the front of the bus stop if you are facing away from the Ramblas. The queue for the Aerobus to T2 is behind this. This could cause a little confusion if you are not aware there are two different Aerobuses however once you know this you can simply make sure to look carefully at the signposts that clearly mark each type of Aerobus stop and you will have absolutely no problems.

Plaça Catalunya is a large square however the Corte Inglés store is clearly visible from any part of the square therefore all you need to do is make your way over to the Corte Inglés and you will see the two Aerobus stops directly in front of the main entrance.

Map showing exact location of Aerobus Stops in Placa Catalunya

Aerobus Stop in Placa Catalunya  Barcelona, Spain.

Aerobus Stops at Placa Catalunya
Passeig de Gracia Metro
Passeig de Gracia Metro
Urquinaona Metro
Urquinaona Metro
Catalunya Metro
Catalunya Metro
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Aerobus stop location at Plaça Espanya

If you are coming from Avenida Paral.lel the airport express bus stop is the second bus stop on the right. Aerobuses for both T1 and T2 stop here - they arrive alternately, so ask the driver which terminal he is driving to.

From Barcelona airport

Aerobuses from T1 leave from the front of the building.

The T2 service Aerobus at Barcelona Airport stops at T2B and T2C. It is easy to identify the Aerobus stops as they have a large blue machine where you can buy the Aerobus ticket (see photograph below). There is nearly always an Aerobus waiting outside one of the terminals and if not you will not have to wait more than 10 minutes for one to arrive depending on the time of day.

Aerobus route

T1 Aerobus A1 stops

From Barcelona Airport:

  1. Airport, T1
  2. Plaça Espanya
  3. Gran Via - Urgell
  4. Plaça Universitat
  5. Plaça Catalunya (City Centre).

From Barcelona City Centre:

  1. Plaça Catalunya (City Centre)
  2. Sepúlveda - Urgell
  3. Plaça Espanya
  4. Airport, T1.

Bus route showing the stops for Aerobus A2 for T2

From Barcelona Airport:

  1. Airport, Terminal 2
  2. Plaça Espanya
  3. Gran Via - Urgell
  4. Plaça Universitat
  5. Plaça Catalunya (City Centre)

From Barcelona City Centre:

  1. Plaça Catalunya (City Centre)
  2. Sepulveda-Urgell
  3. Plaça Espanya
  4. Airport, Terminal 2

Operating times and schedule for the Barcelona airport express bus

Aerobus A1 Schedule
Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona) To Terminal T1 (Airport)

Operating Hours Frequency
05:00 - 06:40 10 Minutes
06:50 - 21:45 05 Minutes
21:50 - 00:30 10 Minutes

Terminal T1 Schedule
(Airport) to Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona)

Operating Hours Frequency
05:35 - 07:20 10 Minutes
07:30 - 22:20 05 Minutes
22:25 - 01:05 10 Minutes

Aerobus A2 Schedule
Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona) To Terminal T2 (Airport)

Operating Hours / Frequency
05:00 - 00:30 / 10 Minutes

Terminal T2 Schedule
(Airport) to Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona)

Operating Hours / Frequency
05:35 - 01:00 / 10 Minutes

Bus Ticket Prices for the Barcelona Airport Express Bus

Tickets fares shown below are for transfer from both T1 and T2 Barcelona Airport. The ticket prices are the same for adults and children.

Single ticket:  €5.90
Return ticket:  €10.20
Return ticket valid: 15 days

Children under 4 years travel free.

Where and how to buy your tickets for the Aerobus

You can also buy your tickets for each Aerobus on the bus itself or from the automatic vending machines at both T1 and T2 at each stop outside the airport terminals.

We have been informed that the automatic vending machines for purchasing Aerobus tickets do not always functional so be ready with cash to pay the driver.

If you purchase the tickets on the Aerobus itself note they do not accept credit cards of any type, so you will need to have cash ready - and ensure that the cash you have is close to the price of the ticket as possible.

Tip The bus drivers often will not sell you a ticket if the cash note denominations that are much larger than the ticket price itself. You do not need to have the exact change, however, they will not accept notes larger than €20.00, so if you have a larger note, make sure that you break it before the bus arrives.

There are Aerobus ticket vending machines at both T1 and T2. See below for more details.

Payment machines for the Aerobus

The Aerobus Ticket Machine at T2
An Aerobus ticket machine.
The ticket machines for the Aerobus are available at terminals T1 and T2 and are situated near the Aerobus stops. They are large and blue. They accept both cash and credit cards.

The languages available on the machines are:

  1. German
  2. Castellano (Spanish)
  3. Catalan
  4. English
  5. French

It is possible to buy multiple tickets with one payment.

Journey Time for the Barcelona Airport Express Bus From the City Centre to Barcelona Airport

Aerobus Travel Time When Leaving From Plaça Catalunya

From Plaça Catalunya to Barcelona Airport the journey time is approximately 35 minutes.

Aerobus Travel Time When Leaving From Plaça Espanya

From Plaça Espanya to Barcelona Airport the journey time is approximately 25 minutes.

Aerobus Travel Time When Leaving From Barcelona Airport

The journey time from Barcelona Airport to Plaça Espanya is approximately 25 minutes. The journey time from Barcelona Airport to Plaça Catalunya is approximately 35 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

With travel times it is important to take into consideration that traffic may affect the length of the journey. So if you have a flight to catch build in some time for delays and maybe catch an earlier bus to be on the safe side.

Disabled access for the Aerobus

All Aerobuses provide a wide ramp onto the bus and an area for wheelchairs. The ramp is located at the bus' second entrance - at the middle of the bus.

Seating and luggage space on the Barcelona Airport express bus

Aerobuses have seating for 42 people. The seats provided are cushioned and have seat belts.

There is overhead luggage space running down the full length of each side of the bus. It is 36 cm deep and 43 cm high. In addition there are also four luggage compartments, each containing two sections. Each section is 80 cm high by 63 cm deep by 86 cm wide.

Free WiFi and USB charging on the Aerobus

The Aerobus service now offers free WiFi on the bus to all passengers. There are also USB charging points which will enable you to recharge your smartphones and tablets before you head out for your flights.

For your security and peace of mind the company that operates the Aerobuses have now installed security cameras.

The Barcelona Airport Express provides quick and convenient access to and from the airport. If you are looking for cheaper transport it is worth considering getting the TMB buses or the train. And if you are travelling at night bear in mind that the Aerobus does not operate, so you will have to rely on the Barcelona Airport Night bus N17 (Stops at Terminal 1) or N16 (Stops at Terminal 2) service. However, besides taxis, the Aerobus offers one of the quickest routes (under normal traffic conditions) into the city centre if you want to get started on your holiday as soon as possible.

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