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TMB Barcelona Airport Bus Transfer: Bus From City Centre To Airport in Barcelona

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Many visitors to Barcelona think that the Aerobus (Express airport bus service) is the only bus option from Barcelona Airport to the city centre. However, the metropolitan transport of Barcelona (TMB) also run buses during the day from both Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2). During the night the N17 / N18 Airport Night buses operates from T1 and T2 respectively. The advantage of the Aerobus is that it runs on a more regular basis, offers more luggage space and stops at fewer places on the way into Barcelona therefore reducing transfer times to and from the airport.

However, the cost of the journey on the TMB bus is cheaper than the Aerobus from T2 and T1.

Single fare TMB bus ticket: €2.40
Single fare Aerobus ticket: €5.90

Alternatively you could buy the Barcelona Transport Card mentioned below which you can use on the TMB airport bus. It will also cover you for most of your city centre transport costs during your visit.

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Barcelona metro
Barcelona Airport metro (Orange Line,L9)
Barcelona TMB buses
Barcelona Airport TMB bus
Regional railway (Rodalies de Catalunya train in Zone 1)
Barcelona Airport RENFE R2 train

The No. 46 TMB Airport Bus
The No. 46 TMB Airport Bus

The Number 46 Bus runs to and from Plaça España.

This page covers the routes, bus stops, prices, journey times and information regarding the number 46 Bus.

Number 46 Day Bus from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona City Centre

Where to catch the bus

Location of Bus Stop At Plaça España For TMB Number 46 Airport Bus:
If you are travelling to or from Barcelona City Centre you will need to either get on or off at Plaça España. If you reach Plaça España from Avenida Paral.lel the bus stop is the first on the right on reaching the large square. The same bus arrives first at T2 and then continues on to T1.

Metro Metro: España (Red Line, L1) and (Green Line, L3)

Location of the bus stop at Barcelona Airport

Plaça España
Plaça España

The bus stops, firstly, outside T2A at a bus stop just to the left of the Aerobus stop when facing the airport. It then stops at a larger bus stop outside T2C. from here it continues the further 4km, stopping lastly outside T1.

TMB No 46 Airport bus route

The Bus Stop Outside T2C
The Bus Stop Outside T2C

TMB No. 46 Bus Stops From Barcelona Airport:

  1. Airport, T1
  2. Airport, T2B
  3. Airport, T2C
  4. Autovia Castelldefels
  5. Avenida Granvia
  6. Hospital Oncologíc
  7. Ciencies
  8. Centre Commercial - Gran Via 2
  9. Centra del Prat
  10. Granvia
  11. Plaça España
  12. Avenida Paral.lel
The No. 46 Stop at Plaça España
The No. 46 Stop at Plaça España

TMB No. 46 Bus Stops From Plaça España:

  1. Plaça España
  2. Gran Via
  3. Plaza Ildefons Cerdá
  4. Avenida Granvia
  5. Hospital Bellvitge
  6. Autovia Castelldefels
  7. Terminal T2B
  8. Airport, T1

Our Insider Tip

Although it seems as though there are a lot of stops, the TMB bus driver will only stop if the bell is rung for the stop. You will find that the many of those travelling on the TMB bus will be getting off at Plaça España. However, if you are nervous that you are going to miss your stop, ask the driver to give you a shout when you arrive at the destination that you need.

Operating times

Bus number 46 from Plaça España
Operating hours: 04:50 - 23:50

Bus number 46 from Barcelona Airport
Operating hours: 04:50 - 23:50

Frequency: 38 Minutes

Bus fare

Single Journey: €2.40
T-Casual: €11.35 

The T-Casual is valid for ten journeys on Barcelona buses and metro. The T-Casual is not available to purchase on the bus however at the airport you can buy them either at the airport tobacco shops or at the entrance to the RENFE train station at the airport. In Barcelona city centre they can also be bought at Metro stops.

If you plan to use Barcelona public transport to move around Barcelona during your stay, you might want to consider the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass mentioned above. This travel card gives you unlimited travel on Barcelona public transport including Barcelona Airport bus number 46.

Journey time

The journey time for the TMB airport bus will depend on traffic, so you should allow for approximately 40 minutes for T2 and 55 minutes for T1. However, on a good day the bus can take around 25 minutes to T2 and 35 minutes to T1.

Access for people with a disability to the bus

All TMB Buses are fully accessible to wheelchair and scooter users. There is a ramp onto the bus and allocated space on the bus for wheelchairs and scooters.

Luggage space

TMB airport buses only provide the same space as with other city centre buses. There is no overhead or luggage compartment space. This may cause difficulties if you are travelling with more than just hand luggage.

If you are willing to take a longer and less regular bus service the TMB buses are one of the cheapest ways to travel to Barcelona Airport. Be sure to take care that you leave with enough time for possible road delays and your transfer to the airport with the TMB bus should be fine.

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