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Guide to Barcelona Airport Bus Options to Barcelona City Centre

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On arrival at Barcelona Airport there is no shortage of transport options into Barcelona city centre. In fact, there are so many that it can sometimes be confusing - you may find yourself hopping on to the first mode of transport that comes along when, in fact, there is an alternative option that is far more suited to your requirements. There are three different types of bus that head from Barcelona Airport into Barcelona city centre.

This page provides links to our pages on each of the bus options, providing in-depth information on prices, frequency of operation, capacity, journey times, access to facilities for people with a disability and luggage storage space on each form of transport.

When enquiring about bus options at the Barcelona tourist information offices you will often only be informed about the airport express bus - the Aerobus. However, there are also the Barcelona Metropolitan transport buses (TMB buses) that run to the city centre from the airport along with a Night bus (operated by MOHN) which operates during the night. These buses are less frequent and stop at fewer places. However, they are also cheaper, and you can use the T-Casual transport card on them (see below for details).

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45 min from/to airport T2
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The Aerobus (Express bus service) to Barcelona City centre From Barcelona Airport

When catching the bus it is imperative that you catch the one going to the terminal that you are flying out from. T1 and T2 are 4km apart, and so it can add a lot of time to your journey if you get the wrong bus and are forced to make your way between terminals (on the shuttle bus).

The same Aerobus company provides shuttle buses to both T1 and T2. All of the buses look the same. However, the buses travelling to T1 are called the A1, and the buses travelling to T2 are called the A2. You will find the bus number on the front of the bus.

Aerobus to T1
Aerobus to T1

The Aerobusservices are run by private bus companies offering a express bus service to Barcelona city centre from Barcelona Airport. Their schedules are convenient as they run, on average, every 12 minutes and also leave from outside each of the two airport terminals. The Aerobus for T2 stops outside T2A, T2B and T2C. Aerobus tickets cost more than four times the price of a Barcelona Metropolitan transport Bus (TMB bus) journey. However, they are built specifically to cater for travellers to and from the airport - seating is comfortable and there is a large amount of luggage space.

Aerobus single ticket: €5.90
Aerobus return ticket: €10.20
Ticket valid: 15 days

Aerobus - Barcelona Airport Express Bus.

The TMB Airport Bus 46 to Barcelona City centre From Barcelona Airport

The TMB Airport Bus no. 46 is far cheaper than the Aerobus and you can also use the T-Casual ticket for this journey. The TMB bus has less space on it than the Aerobus, so it could be less comfortable when travelling with lots of luggage. It is worth comparing the TMB bus route to the Aerobus route to determine which one will drop you closest to your desired location.

TMB Airport Bus no. 46
Frequency: 38 Minutes

TMB Barcelona Airport Bus Transfer: Bus From City Centre To Airport in Barcelona

The Airport Night Buses N17 and N16 to Barcelona City centre

Once the TMB day bus and the Aerobus have stopped running the only available bus service is the Airport Night Buses N17(T1) and N16 (T2A, T2B and T2C).

Airport Night Buses N17 and N16
Operating hours: 21:55 - 04:45
Frequency: 20 Minutes

Barcelona Airport Bus Transfer: Night Bus From City Centre To Airport in Barcelona.

T-Casual 10 journey Ticket vs Hola Barcelona Unlimited Travel Pass

A better alternative to the T-Casual might be the Hola Barcelona Travel Card that offers unlimited travel on Barcelona public transport. You won't have to worry about the number of journeys you have left on your T-Casual Ticket or about purchasing a new one that you might not entirely use. With the Hola Barcelona you can travel unlimitedly and worry-free while saving money.
The Hola Barcelona Travel Pass is valid on the Barcelona Metro including the Barcelona Airport metro line (Orange Line, L9), the Barcelona buses (TMB buses) including the TMB bus from Barcelona centre to Barcelona Airport, the tram (TRAM), the urban railway (FGC trains in Zone 1) and the regional railway (Rodalies de Catalunya trains in Zone 1) including the Barcelona Airport RENFE R2 train.

More Information Click here to learn more about the Hola Barcelona Travel Card.

How to Recognize The Different Barcelona Airport Buses

You can distinguish between the different buses by their colours and their numbers.

TMB Airport day bus (No.46). Stops at both terminals T1 and T2. The bus is red.

The Aerobus for T1 and T2 is light blue and dark blue and says "Aerobus" down the side in large letters.

Airport Night Bus (N17) - Stops at Terminal T1 and N16 stops at Terminal 2A, 2B and 2C.

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The bus is one of the easiest ways in which to travel to and from Barcelona city centre to Barcelona airport. It can often be just as quick as a taxi and, if you are travelling alone or in a pair, will work out cheaper.

Other transport options from the city centre to Barcelona Airport

We have provided some links below with two other transport options to consider for transport between the city centre and Barcelona Airport.

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