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Guide to Barcelona Airport Parking T1 and T2

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Barcelona Airport has three car parks.

Terminal 2 (T2) has 11,900 parking spaces - across one large open-air car park and a smaller covered parking spaces. All of the parking is located opposite the terminal buildings. Long and short stay is located in the same area - however, covered rather than open-air parking is likely to appeal if you plan to leave your car for an extended period of time.

Terminal 1(T1) has its own covered nine-storey car park. It has 12,000 spaces. It sits directly in front of the airport terminal.

There is a further long stay car park that sits between both terminals (2km from each). It requires a free shuttle bus to take you to each terminal, but offers lower prices for long stay parking than the other two car parks (see below for prices).

This page will cover the location of the car parks, instructions for the payment stations and their positions, details of VIP private parking and exact prices.

The location of the car parks at Barcelona Airport

T1 Airport Parking
All of the car park paying stations for T1 are located on level 1 of the terminal building. Depending on which car park you are located in, head to that car park entrance on level 1 and you will find the payment station.

T2B Airport Parking

Opposite Terminal 2B there is the PB Car park. This car park is on one level and is open air. It can house up to 7,600 vehicles.

T2C Airport Parking

Opposite Terminal C there is the PC Car Park. This is a covered car park with space for 2,300 cars. On the second floor of the car park there is a walkway leading to Terminal 2C.

Long Stay Airport Parking

The Long Stay car park is located half way along the road that links T2 to T1. If you drop your car off at this car park you will be offered a free shuttle bus to take you to the terminal that you require.

The car park payment stations - how they work

The Car Park Payment Station
The Car Park Payment Station

See our car park overview for brief instructions as to how the car parking system works at Barcelona Airport.

There are a total of 21 payment stations for the car park at T2 of Barcelona Airport. See below for their locations.

The machines are available in a variety of languages:

  1. Castellano (Spanish)
  2. Catalan
  3. English
  4. German
  5. French
  6. Italian
Credit Card Payment Station
Credit Card Payment Station

There are separate car park payment machines for cash and cash/credit card payments. The machines accepting cash take coins and €5.00, €10.00, €20.00 and €50.00 notes. They will provide change if you do not have the exact amount.

N.B. It is important to remember that if you wish to make a credit card payment of over a certain maximum amount (see below), you will need to go to one of the two airport car park information desks to pay. The car park payment machines for credit cards do not accept payments of over a certain amount. See below, under 'Parking Information at Barcelona Airport' for where these are located.

Maximum payment accepted by payment machines: €90.00

Once you have made your payment this will be registered on the card that you were issued on arrival at the airport. You will need this card to exit the car park.

Tip Once you have paid and your card is validated as paid you have only twenty minutes to leave the car park. It is worth making an extra effort to note exactly where you left your car when you drop it at the airport. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you can't remember where you left your vehicle in a large space when you only have twenty minutes to find it!

The location of the payment points T2


There are two payment stations located inside T2B. they are situated on the right when entering the building, against the front wall.

There are a further 3 payment stations located outside the entrances to PB car park. They are dotted along the front of the car park area.


There is one payment station inside the T2C building. It is located on the far left when entering the building, against the front wall.

There are a further 3 payment stations located outside the entrances to PC car park. They can be located under see-through plastic canopies.

We will provide further details as to the payment stations in T1 parking within the next few months. We are currently in the process of updating the website with T1 information.

Prices of parking

The parking prices at Barcelona Airport for the car parks at T1 and T2 are displayed on each payment stations. They are provided as their cost per minute, as follows:

Rate per minute: €0.05
Price per day (up to 4 days): €20.95
Price per day (5 days onwards): €16.00

The costs for covered and open-air parking are the same.

If you find this system for explaining the payment complicated, it is possible to pick up a table of the tariffs from one of the Airport Car Park Information (see below for location).

Book your long stay parking at Barcelona Airport

Parking information at the airport

Aena Information Area
Aena Information Area

If you have any queries regarding the parking whilst at the airport you can speak to one of the Aena airport information desks (information desks dealing solely with information about the airport) located in Terminal 2B. However, if you require more precise information, there is one car park information desk - located outside T2C. On leaving T2C it is necessary to cross the main road and head to the main car park entrances where you will see a large information sign.

VIP parking

There is a separate private parking section available at Barcelona Airport - VIP Parking. The company has small car parks located directly outside each Terminal. The car parks provide their own private 24 hour surveillance.

Other services offered can include washing of the interior and exterior of the car and petrol re-fills.

VIP Parking already have contracts set up for this service for travellers on the highest class tickets for Iberia, British airways, Tap, Lufthansa and Air Europa.

The VIP Parking Information desk is located in-between T2B and T2C.

To use this service it is necessary to reserve in advance as there are limited spaces. Tariffs are subject to change. Therefore, it is best to check the VIP Parking website for their costs.

Airport VIP Parking Information Line
Tel: +34 93 297 1381

Disabled parking

For information regarding disabled parking at Barcelona Airport see our guide to disabled facilities at Barcelona Airport.

For an overview of how to use the car parking services at Barcelona Airport, plus a simple table of prices, check our Barcelona Airport parking overview page.

Barcelona Airport Parking could be a convenient option on both a long and short-term basis. If you have any queries, head to the parking information points, where they should be able to help with your problem.

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