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Barcelona Airport Taxi Service

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There are always a large number of taxis available at Barcelona Airport. They cannot be hailed randomly - it is necessary to join a queue, where you will be directed to a taxi that is waiting. There are taxi ranks outside both Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2(T2) at Barcelona Airport.

Taxis at Barcelona Airport
Taxis at Barcelona Airport

There is a minimum charge for taxis from Barcelona Airport. The standard Barcelona taxis are black with yellow sides.

This page provides information on where to catch taxis from Barcelona Airport, taxi prices, supplementary charges, extra-large taxis, taxis with access for people with a disability, long-distance taxis, complaints procedures.

Barcelona City Pass

Where to Catch a Taxi at Barcelona Airport

There are taxi ranks located outside T1 and T2 (T2A,T2B and T2C) at Barcelona Airport. They are easy to locate just look for the signs for the taxi rank when you leave any terminal building which will point you in the right direction to the nearest taxi rank.

Our Insider Tip

You will save time if you specifically follow the signs to the nearest taxi rank rather than just walking to where you see people queueing for a taxi. This is because the nearest taxi rank could either be to the left or the right as you leave a terminal building and may not have a queue you would therefore miss it and spend additional time walking to a busy taxi rank which is further away.

You are not permitted to flag down a cab anywhere. It is necessary to head to the railed taxi waiting area at the front of the taxi line. There you will find a staff member in a high visibility jacket. They will direct you to a taxi that is allocated to you.

Prices for Taxis from Barcelona Airport

It is important to remember that there is a minimum charge on taxis from the airport. This must be paid regardless of the length of the journey.

These are the rates when the journey is to a destination inside the Barcelona metropolitan area.

Supplement fare from the airport: €4.30
Rate per km (from 08:00 - 20:00): €1.21
Rate per km (from 20:00 - 08:00): €1.45
Minimum charge from the airport: €20.00

Taxi Fares From Airport

T1 fare: €35.00
T2 fare: €30.00

If you end destination is outside of Barcelona Metropolitan area the taxi rates are higher per kilometre. It would be best to confirm with the taxi driver approximately how much the taxi fee would be. You will also need to cover the cost for any tolls passed through however there are no tolls between Barcelona Airport and Barcelona city centre.

It is worth noting that there may be extra supplementary charges for holidays and late nights. See below for more details.

Our Insider Tip

If you are staying in a hotel near to the Barcelona airport you may not need to catch a taxi to your hotel. Even if it is only a five minute journey there will be a minimum fare from the airport. Check when you are booking the hotel if they have a hotel shuttle bus running from Barcelona Airport. Most of the hotels close to the airport provide this as a complimentary service.

Minimum taxi fare from the airport: €20.00

Supplementary Taxis Charges

There are numerous potential extra charges that can be added to the initial ones listed above.

There are also extra supplements and we recommend you read our page on Barcelona taxis fares and supplements.

On entering the taxi, you can check the supplements on a sticker on the window in the back seat of the taxi.

Book your Barcelona taxi

The simplest way for a tourist to book an official Barcelona taxi is to download the AMB taxi app from either the Apple App store (iPhone) or from Google play for Android devices (links given below). AMB is the official taxi association of Barcelona. Once the app is download you can then set your pickup and dropoff points and the time you want to be picked up. You can either pay with cash or credit card.

iPhone AMB taxi app

Android AMB taxi app

Taxi Capacity

The majority of official taxi cabs in Barcelona are licensed to carry a maximum of 4 passengers. This includes the majority of the van taxis. According to the Institut Metropolita del Taxi around 10% of van taxis have a special license to carry up to 6 passengers. If you require one of these taxis you should ask the taxi attendant at the airport taxi rank to find you one. You could have some waiting time since these types of taxi are not as readily available.

If you are in the city centre and you want a taxi cab for up to 6 passengers then it is recommended that you call an official taxi company and specifically request for one. Hailing down a van taxi in the city centre in the hope they have a 6 passenger license is not a good idea because these types of taxi are not common.

Note that for van taxis there is an additional supplement for each person above 4 passengers.

Van taxi supplement: €4.30

Minibus Transfer Service

If you wish to reserve your airport transfer online before your trip you can follow the link below on how to reserve a minibus transfer for your party. Note that a minibus transfer is a privately operated service and not connected with Barcelona official taxi service.

Complaints Procedures

If you plan on making a complaint about your taxi driver, ensure that you ask for a receipt (say "un tiquet, por favor") at the end of your journey. All taxi drivers are obliged to give you a receipt upon request. The receipt will include essential information that you need to provide when compiling your complaint. See our frequently asked questions on how to make an official complaint about a Barcelona taxi service.

Taxis with Access For People With A Disability

The normal Barcelona Airport taxis are not suitable for travellers with wheelchairs or scooters. If you wish to require a taxi with access for people with a disability, a company called Taxi Amic can help you. For more information on how to contact them, see our holidays to Barcelona for people with a disability page.

How to Report Lost Property in a Taxi

If you think that you may have left something in your taxi, it is possible to contact a specific helpline dealing with this. Further details of what to do in these circumstance can be found in an answer to one of our Lost property in Barcelona Taxi FAQ.

Taxis from Barcelona Airport can be easy and convenient. Before choosing a taxi over other forms of public transport it is worth taking all aspects of the cost into account - including supplementary charges and the minimum airport charge.

If you have further queries about Barcelona Airport Taxis, you may find the answer that you are looking for in our special taxis section of Frequently asked questions on the Barcelona taxi service.

Secure Luggage Drop Off and Transfer Service

There is a secure luggage storage and transfers service that operates to and from Barcelona. This is a handy service were you can drop off your luggage and have it securely transferred to your final destination e.g. your hotel or other destination e.g. the cruise port. We have put together an article that explains in more detail this service.

Secure luggage drop off, storage and transfer service

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