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Your Barcelona Airport Transport Options

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From Barcelona Airport there are a wide variety of transport options leading out to the rest of Spain and beyond. Whether you are planning a long trip beyond Barcelona, or simply a short break into Barcelona city centre, it is worth planning in advance regarding how you wish to make the trip. See below for links to detailed pages covering transport options to Barcelona itself and beyond.

Transport signs at Barcelona Airport
Transport signs at Barcelona Airport

Our Insider Tip

It is recommended to book your seat in advance for long distance trains in Barcelona. Unlike other countries, the long distance cross-country trains become fully booked when all of the seats have been reserved. For some destinations there may be only one or two trains a day. It can be disappointing to arrive at the train station with your entire luggage only to be told that the train is fully booked and that you will have to come back again tomorrow. Below you will find links to the official train websites where advance tickets can be purchased.

This page provides links to pages with transfer option into Barcelona city centre, various places around the rest of Spain and the two other local airports - Girona Airport and Reus Airport.

How to Travel From Barcelona Airport to Barcelona City Centre

There are 3 options of public transport when travelling from Barcelona airport to the city centre:
1. Barcelona Airport Train
2. Two types of bus run directly to Barcelona city centre.
3. Barcelona Airport underground metro.

Taxis and hire cars are also an option.

Before deciding how you will travel into Barcelona city centre from the airport it is worth reading our guide to the transfer options - we have provided the link to our guide below. This will allow you to weigh up the various pros and cons of each transport option for you. You should consider how quickly you need to travel into the centre, how many people are travelling and where exactly you want to go in Barcelona.

Click the following link for detailed information on taxis, buses, trains and metro:

The page above will also provide you with specific information if you need to go to Barcelona cruise ship terminals to board a cruise ship.

How to Travel to Other Places in Catalunya from Barcelona Airport

From Barcelona Airport it is also possible to catch a coach to many parts of Catalunya and beyond. In general, if you wish to catch a train, it is normally first necessary to take a train into Barcelona city centre - Estació Sants (Barcelona Sants) - One of Barcelona's largest train stations. From here there are trains leading to other main parts of Spain.

I have created individual pages providing in-depth details on transfers from Barcelona Airport to:
Costa Brava
Tarragona and its surrounding area.

Transfers from Barcelona Airport to Other Nearby Airports

You may need to make transfers between the airports that are near to Barcelona Airport.

Transport within Spain is impressively reliable. It can also be done cheaply with some forward planning. It is important to remember that Spain is a big place - nighttime journeys can be useful if you are planning to cover the whole length of the country.

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