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Long Stay Parking at Barcelona Airport - Parking Details for Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

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Long Stay Parking Shuttle Bus
Long Stay Parking Shuttle Bus
The long stay parking building is situated between T1 and Terminal 2 (T2) - 2 km from each. It allows you to leave your car for an extended period whilst you take a trip. The long stay parking is run by a company called 'Larga Estancia'.

All of the car parks at Barcelona Airport offer the option to park for extended periods. However, the long stay parking offers this at a more affordable rate. For the inconvenience of being parked a bus ride from the terminals you can save money on parking for an extended period.

This article covers long stay parking - where it is located, how to get there, prices, contact details and how to make payments.

How to get to long stay parking at Barcelona Airport

Shuttle bus

There is a free shuttle bus that takes customers to and from the long stay parking car park. Depending on whether you arrive into Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 you will head somewhere different to catch the bus:

In arrivals T1: Follow the signs for the microbus hotels, continue along the covered walkway towards parking G, and down the elevator / stairs.

In Arrivals T2: The bus stop sits between Terminal B and Terminal C.

Bus Times for the Shuttle Bus To and From Long Stay Parking

Long Stay Parking Shuttle Bus Stop
Long Stay Parking Shuttle Bus Stop

There should always be a shuttle bus waiting for you at the long stay parking bus stop. If there is not one waiting, see below for details of what to do.

It is necessary to call the shuttle bus service to come to collect you from the bus stop. The company state that a bus will arrive to collect you within 5 minutes of making the call.

Long stay parking shuttle bus
Operating hours: 04:30 - 00:30

Shuttle bus on demand
Operating hours: 04:30 - 00:30

Tel:  +34 91 321 1000

tip It is important to note that the shuttle bus that runs to and from the long stay car park is different from the shuttle bus running between terminals. You will be able to recognise the long stay parking shuttle bus as it is smaller - a mini bus. It is also yellow, as opposed to the terminal shuttle bus which is green. See the picture of the long stay parking shuttle bus above.

Driving to long stay parking

If you are driving to Long Stay Parking from Barcelona - take the C31 to the B-22 exit a T1: on the first exit on the right you will see the parking.

If you are driving to the Long Stay Parking from Castelldefels - before the exit for the terminals you will see the B-22 turning to T1. On the first turning on the left you will see the parking.


Days are measured by 24 hours, from the exact time that your car enters the car park.

We recommend you look up the exact rates from the AENA website because they vary depending on how long you wish to leave your car:

Rates for long term car parking at Barcelona Airport.

Paying for your parking

On arrival at Long Stay Parking you will be required to take a ticket from a machine at the entrance. Once you have parked you will need to take your ticket to an office that is manned by Long Distance parking staff. The office is open 24 hours. Here, you will be asked to pay for the number of days that you plan to leave your car. You can pay using cash, credit or debit cards.

If you leave your car in the car park for a longer period than you have paid for, you will be required to pay the difference on your return to the car park. You can do this at the same office where you made your initial payment.

How to make an advanced booking

It is possible to book a space in the long term car park in advance. It is not essential that you book in advance, however it may be advisable as the company cannot guarantee parking spaces on your arrival. You can reserve a parking space via telephone or online. Both options are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You are not required to make any payments prior to going to the car park.

Reservations at Long Stay Parking
Tel :
 +34 91 321 1000

Website: Reservations line for Long Stay Parking

The long stay parking is a useful addition to the facilities at Barcelona Airport. If you decide to use the parking service it is important to remember that you will need to factor in some extra time to get to and from the parking, as you will not find yourself next to the terminal, as you would if you were staying in the normal car parks. For a general overview to parking at Barcelona Airport, see our Guide to Parking at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

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