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Barcelona Cathedral (Catedral) Photo Guide

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Barcelona Cathedral
Barcelona Cathedral

The giant Gothic Barcelona Cathedral is a focal point of interest in the Gothic quarter (historic old town).

As you walk round the Cathedral you will see fine examples of Gothic architecture and Roman walls.

In front of the Cathedral is a small square where you will find street performers, cafes and interesting shops.

The area around the Cathedral has a charm and beauty that makes this location a must visit when you come to Barcelona.

Tip Don't confuse Barcelona Cathedral with La Sagrada Familia. We have frequently seen internet web sites referring to the Sagrada Familia as a cathedral (the Sagrada Familia is in fact a giant Basilica by Gaudí). However there is only one Cathedral in Barcelona and it is in the Gothic quarter.

Swans inside the cloister of the Barcelona Cathedral
Swans inside the Cathedral courtyard are an unsolved mystery. Nobody knows how they arrived here.

Location of Catedral to the nearest metro stop. Click for a magnified view of this map
Location map showing location of the Cathedral in relation to the nearest metro stop. Click on the map for a magnified view.

How to get to Barcelona Cathedral

metroMetro Stops Barcelona metro map
Jaume I (Yellow Line, L4) about 7 minutes walk Catalunya.

(Green Line, L3) and (Red Line, L1) about 10 minutes walk.

Liceu (Green Line, L3) 10 minutes walk.

A walk around the Cathedral area on a lazy Sunday afternoon is an absolute must when you visit Barcelona.

Hop on hop off sightseeing tourist bus stop

Nearest stop for Barcelona Cathedral is "Catedral - Gòtic" with the Barcelona City Tour "hop on hop off" sightseeing bus

Public bus

Via Laietana / Plaça Ramon Berenguer: 45, V15, V17

Car parking

Car Park Car parking near Barcelona Cathedral

hotelHotels near the Barcelona Cathedral

Hotels near Barcelona Cathedral

To start the photo tour of the Barcelona Cathedral click the first photo in the table below. Remember you'll get more out of this photo guide if you follow the photos in sequence.

catedral-001-p-cpyw-02_jpg.jpg (62kb) catedral-002-l-cpyw-01_jpg.jpg (45kb) catedral-003-l-cpyw-02_jpg.jpg (59kb)
catedral-004-p-cpyw-03_jpg.jpg (34kb) catedral-005-p-cpyw-04_jpg.jpg (28kb) catedral-006-l-cpyw-03_jpg.jpg (39kb)
catedral-007-p-cpyw-01_jpg.jpg (46kb) catedral-008-l-cpyw-04_jpg.jpg (48kb) catedral-009-l-cpyw-05_jpg.jpg (35kb)
catedral-010-l-cpyw-07_jpg.jpg (56kb) catedral-011-pan-01_jpg.jpg (130kb)

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