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The Barcelona picture and photo guide to the city

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Plaça Reial

We have photographed most of Barcelona's main attractions and areas and have created the Barcelona picture guide which will show you first hand how beautiful the city is.

To use this photo guide click on one of the links on the left hand side of this window to take you to the Barcelona picture gallery for that area.

Barcelona Cathedral
Barcelona cathedral

Each of the Barcelona photo galleries has an introduction to the area or attraction. The pictures have been taken in a sequential order so you feel what it's like to actually walk around each site. We have also included a few notes and interesting facts along with each of the pictures.

Barcelona Pictures linked to a city map

To learn exactly where the sites are actually situated in Barcelona click on our Barcelona picture map link. On that page you will find a map which directly links to our photo guides. This will help you get a better idea where the Barcelona sites are in relation to the landmarks of the city.

Copyright protected photos

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc in Barcelona
Magic Fountain of Montjuïc in Barcelona

To protect our work, our pictures have been registered with an international copyright register service. Downloading or un authorized use of any of our images is not permitted.

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