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Plaça Reial (Photo 6 of 6)

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There are two lampposts in Plaça Reial that are interesting and there is good reason for them to be. They were the first commissioned designs by Antoni Gaudí. They are however not the ones shown in this photo. But if you take a look around the Plaça it's not too difficult to spot his designs. You will know you've found the right ones because there is a Plaque in the floor next to each one with Gaudí's name.

This photo completes the photo tour of Plaça Reial. The three other areas close to this are:

Barri Gòtic (Plaça Reial is also in Barri Gòtic) or
Calle Ferran (1 minute walk) or
Ramblas (1 minute walk) or

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