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Top Tips About Apartment Rental in Barcelona - Interview with An Apartment Specialist

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I caught up with an apartment rental specialist, recently for a working lunch with the aim of gleaning some top tips on how to go about renting a holiday apartment in Barcelona.

Interview Transcript

Hi, Andrea thanks for taking the time for this interview. I just wanted to start by asking what you think is important in running a successful apartment rental agency in Barcelona?

I think it is important, to be honest, and upfront with the clients. To give them all the scoops of the apartment whether it's an apartment on the fourth floor without a lift or whether the apartment is small or large - to give accurate information to ensure they know what they are paying for.

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Many people coming to Barcelona for the first time don't know the different areas and neighbourhoods. Barcelona has lots of different types of Barrios or neighbourhoods, and each one has its different characteristics. The Eixample Barrio is distinctly different from Barri Gòtic Barrio which is again different from Barceloneta Barrio. I imagine when people are visiting a new city like this, they don't have a clear picture of what these areas are like. Whereas, someone who knows the apartments and knows the areas can quickly recommend what they want.

Yes, that's right, if someone likes architecture or historical arts, then the Barri Gòtic is the area. Alternatively, if you're coming as a family and you want a little beach and a little of the city, I think Barceloneta is the preferred area. It's the area that I would recommend for families. You can get small apartments in this area, but still, you are not going to spend much time in an apartment anyway. There is too much to do in Barcelona to be sitting around in the apartment!

Yes, you have four beaches in that area including Barceloneta all within walking distance. So it's good for families and kids.

If you go further down to Port Olympic or Poblenou, they're also really nice areas as well, but they're not within walking distance to the city. Most people know the Ramblas. And most people want to be close to the Ramblas, and that's the usual request I get. But Barceloneta is not that far from the city centre - sometimes clients think it's far out - but it's not.

This is one point I've tried to convey on my site too. A lot of people are interested in staying close to the Ramblas. I think the reason is that it's a major landmark and people can identify with that. But is not necessarily the right place for everybody.

I don't think it's the right place for families. It's lively during the daytime but by night it becomes a bit of a red-light district.

Well the Southern-most end of the Ramblas can be after midnight, but the Northernmost end is not too bad.

I think the other thing that visitors ought to be aware of is if there is a metro (underground, subway system) stop close by then you haven't got too many problems with travelling because everything is within 10 or 15 minutes by Metro.

The public transport in Barcelona is excellent, and I think that people think that Barcelona is bigger than it is.

I agree. I also recommend that people try and walk around for a while. They will see so much more and be surprised just how close everything is.

Well that's all the time we've got here Andrea. Thank you for taking the time out to do this interview.

My pleasure!

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