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Barcelona Area Guide: Barceloneta

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Fishermen were naturally the first to settle during the 18th century on the seafront land now known as Barceloneta. Even now if you delve into the dim, narrow back streets, there is still an old village feel to the place, with old women shouting to one another across balconies and old men sitting on the street outside the door to their house. However Barceloneta now also has a different side, a cosmopolitan, tourist-driven life of its own, bars and cafes booming out music day and night.

Barceloneta Beach
Barceloneta Beach

The beach is obviously the main attraction of Barceloneta and is absolutely packed with locals and tourists alike all summer long. Thanks to the people who patrol up and down selling everything from doughnuts to water, massages to bikinis you could lie on the beach all day without ever having to move. There are also chiringuitos scattered around. These are beach sidebars which often play music and serve snacks.

Barcelona City Pass

Location map showing the walking routes to Barceloneta beach from the nearest metro stops

Location of Barceloneta Beach to the nearest metro stop.

COPARK Plaza del Mar Car Park
BSM Biomèdic Car Park
BSM Hospital del Mar Car Park
SABA BAMSA Barceloneta Centre Car Park
BSM Moll de la Fusta Car Park
Ciutadella - Vila Olimpica Metro
Parc Cuitadella
Barceloneta Metro
Park Hotel
Santa Marta Hotel
Oasis Hotel Barcelona
Del Mar Hotel
Duquesa De Cardona Hotel
Barceloneta Beach
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It is no surprise that it is Barceloneta where you will find some of the best seafood on offer. If you can wander into the built-up part of the area, behind the strip of cafes and ice-cream shops on Passeig Joan de Borbon. However, if you fancy a better view, then there are lots of restaurants facing out towards the marina.


There are quite a few attractions in this area, especially for families. The aquarium, which is the biggest in Europe and is popular with children and if you want to escape the heat or rain. I was once forced onto the Montjuïc Cable Car which is an experience - do not try if you have a fear of heights - but you do get stunning views over the whole city.

If you need a culture fix then head to the Catalunya History Museum to learn a bit about the city in which you stand, the capital of Catalunya. Just across the street from the museum is the metro stop Barceloneta which is one stop away from central Barcelona, though you can easily walk to Las Ramblas in 15 minutes.

metroMetro: Barceloneta (Yellow Line, L4)

Barceloneta as a location for your accommodation

Barceloneta is good for families and those looking for a beach holiday, without being too far from the city. Although it is also suitable for young people because as well as the beach the area has a varied night-life. In fact, I know of some people who live in Barceloneta and hardly ever go into the city centre.

Accommodation Hotels Near Barceloneta Area

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Hotel Santa Marta - 2 star hotel
Arts Hotel - 5 Star Luxury Hotel
H10 Barcelona Marina Hotel - 4 star hotel
SB Icaria Hotel - 4 star hotel

Parking in Barceloneta

We created a parking map showing the secure parking facilities in Barceloneta district. You can click on any parking icon on the map to see detailed information about each car park facility. To ensure your parking space is available when you need it you can book your parking space in advance. Follow the link below for more information.

Parking in Barceloneta

Highlights of the Area:

Cable Car
Museum of Catalunya history

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