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Barcelona's Tibidabo Amusement Park And 'Tramvia Blau' Tram

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This page will explain how to travel to Tibidabo amusement park and what Tibidabo mountain has to offer once you are there.

The journey to Tibidabo amusement park starts with a short train ride from the centre of Barcelona. Once you alight from the train, you will take the Tramvia Blau which takes you halfway up the mountain. If you wish to go all the way to the top of Tibidabo, where the amusement park is situated, you will also need to catch a funicular train from the halfway point. Once at the top of the mountain you will be rewarded with magnificent views of Barcelona, an amusement park for the kids, and the opportunity to visit a beautiful church at the summit of the mountain.

Tibidabo big wheel in the amusement park
Tibidabo big wheel in the amusement park. You can ride on this Ferris wheel when you buy the entrance tickets to the park

Tibidabo Tram - Tramvia Blau

Tramvia Blau Tram Transport up to Tibidabo amusement park.
Tramvia Blau Tram Takes you halfway up Tibidabo Mountain. You then catch the Funicular to the top of the mountain where you will find Tibidabo Amusement Park

Tibidabo's tram was opened on 29 October 1901 as part of a project transporting people to the top of the mountain. It was opened at the same time as the Funicular- described below, providing passengers with a logical route to the magical theme park that was built at the top of the mountain around the same period.

The small blue tram - the 'Tramvia Blau', is one of Barcelona's beloved modes of transport. Its quaint appearance and friendly driver make it a pleasant experience for those wishing to make it all the way to the top to the Tibidabo Amusement Park and the church- the 'Temple de Sagrat Cor'. However, it can serve as an activity in itself - an entertaining ride finishing at the lovely Plaça Dr Andreu.

The easiest way to get to the tram's starting point is on the L7 train that leaves from Plaça de Catalunya station in the centre of town. This will take about ten minutes and drops you in Plaza de John Kennedy, right next to the necessary bus stop, which is at 2 Avenida Tibidabo - directly in front of you. Take a look at the beautiful La Rotonda building on your way past. The bus stop is right in front of this building, so it will also help you to find where you need to be.

Café midway up Tibidabo mountain - en route to Tibidabo Amusement Park. Stop for a drink and soak in the magnificent views of Barcelona before continuing up the mountain to the Amusement park.
Café midway up Tibidabo mountain - en route to Tibidabo amusement park. Stop for a drink and soak in the views of Barcelona before continuing up the mountain to the amusement park.

On sunny days you will queue for the tram, but the trips are fairly regular (every 15-30 minutes), and the vehicle is larger than it looks, so you are unlikely to wait for too long. Payment is made on the tram. The old Spanish conductor adds to the charm of the experience, welcoming people aboard. At busy times the tram is filled to the brim so expect to stand if you're towards the end of the queue. With steps up to the tram and a narrow interior, this is an old vehicle and, unfortunately, not suitable for wheelchair users.

On the tram's journey up the mountain you will pass through Barcelona's most affluent residential area. Take in the leafy surroundings and sneak a peek at the houses of the city's rich and famous. The journey lasts around seven minutes, and as you alight, you are halfway up Mount Tibidabo and can take in some breathtaking panoramic views of the city. The Plaça Dr Andreu is a picturesque platform looking down over the city. There are pretty restaurants with terraces to while away the hours in tranquil surroundings.

Tibidabo Amusement Park

Most travellers then continue up the mountain on the Funicular de Tibidabo. This is also an entertaining journey as you travel up through the mountain's forests and to the summit and get a glimpse of the city from a height on your way. The funicular runs in conjunction with the opening times of Tibidabo theme park (more information can be found on their website Barcelona Tibidabo Amusement Park).

If you choose to continue to the top, both kids and adults will enjoy the charming little theme park. It was built in 1889, and a lot of the rides date back to this time, giving the park a whimsical feel. Don't expect any bare-knuckle rides, but the views and friendly atmosphere, with people in fancy dress parading through the park and interacting with the visitors, make for an enjoyable day out.

Tibidabo amusement park
Take the airplane ride inside Tibidabo Amusement park

Alternatively you can purchase your tickets on the day. The ticket booth is immediately in front of you on leaving the Funicular. You can buy a day ticket, which is quite pricey (it is worth checking the website as there are special prices for seniors, people with a disability and school pupils). Alternatively, you can pay individually for some rides that are outside the gates of the park - these include a Ferris wheel and the emblematic plane ride that is often featured on publicity for the park. This area is known as the Tibidabo Sky Walk. Once you're at the top of the mountain though, it may be difficult persuading the kids that it's not necessary to pay for the full-day ticket to ride the big roller coasters.

Entrance Fees to Tibidabo Amusement Park
Children below 120cm in height: €14.00
Children below 90 cm: free

Tibidabo church
Tibidabo church

If theme parks aren't your cup of tea there is also a beautiful church to view- the Temple de Sagrat Cor. Built-in 1806 and renovated in 1902, it is a Neo-Gothic structure with a bronze statue of the Sacred Heart at the top. You can take a lift to the top of the church and check out the city at 575 meters above sea level.

It is worth remembering that there are not many options to buy food and drink once you reach the top of the mountain. The privileged position of the outlets that are available gives them an excuse to be expensive and quite average in quality. If you have time to think ahead, it may be worth bringing a picnic as there are areas available within the Tibidabo Sky Walk to eat your own food with some sensational panoramic views from the top.

Our Insider Tip

Be mindful of the closing time of the theme park as queues grow large for the return ride on the funicular. As I have experienced personally, if you spend too much time in the café you may find yourself stranded at the top of the mountain!

Panoramic views of Barcelona from Tibidabo mountain
You will enjoy panoramic views of Barcelona from Tibidabo mountain

How To Get To Tibidabo Mountain Top

Bus: Tibibus This special bus service runs from Plaça de Catalunya square to Tibidabo amusement park. The bus stop can be found in front of Caja Madrid Bank in Plaça de Catalunya square.

Tibibus timetable:
Monday - Sunday: 10:30 then bus runs every 20 minutes when Tibidabo amusement park is open.

Single ticket:

City Bus:
Plaça Tibidabo: 111

Train: Take (Brown Line, L7) from Plaça de Catalunya Metro. Note, this is a train rather than the Metro, so follow signs for RENFE. Alight at Avenida Tibidabo.

From the Avenida Tibidabo stop you need to walk over to the Tramvia Blau stop which is across the road from the metro stop.

The Tramvia Blau will take you half way up the mountain. You can stop here at a Caféteria to enjoy the view. Once you have reached the half way point however you will then need to continue your journey to the very top of Tibidabo mountain by taking the Funicular mountain train.

Car parking

Prices for the Tram Blau and the Funicular Train

Single Journey for Tram Blau: €5.50

Single Journey for Tibidabo Funicular train.  €12.00

Running Times For Tramvia Blau

Winter months
Operating days: Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday.
Ascent: 10:00 - 18:15 
Descent: 10:00 - 18:15
Frequency:15 - 30 minutes

Summer Months (daily)
Ascent: 10:00 - 19:30
Descent: 10:00 - 19:30

It is important to check the timetable on the official website as times vary:
Operating hours for Tibidabo Tram

Tramvia Blau - Linea 194 TMB (Plaza de John Kennedy)
Avenida Tibidabo, 2 to Plaça Doctor Andreu 08022

Tel: +34 93 298 7000

In a Nutshell

Tibidabo amusement park offers younger family members a fun day out. For the adults, they will benefit from unparalleled views overlooking Barcelona city. There is also a picturesque church at the top of the mountain that is worth the visit. The Tramvia Blau is a Barcelona treasure - a step back in time that will please all ages. A little pricier than the alternative, more standard routes to the top of the mountain, it could be worth paying the extra to add some magic to your trip.

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