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Harlem Jazz Club in Barcelona: The Music, The Crowd, The Location, The Times and the Vibe

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Harlem Jazz Club is one of Barcelona's most legendary jazz clubs. It sits down a small street in the heart of the old town and offers a perfect place to head to hear jazz, funk and soul nearly every night of the week. If you head there earlier in the evening you can hear live gigs. Stick around after the gig, and you can dance to local DJs offering infectious and quality music that will get the whole crowd up on their feet.

The club has a capacity of about 300 people, in one room with a bar at the front and a dance floor area at the back. It is an alluring and cosy space with low lighting, cheap drinks and a welcoming atmosphere.


Harlem Jazz Club's location down a small street in the old town ensures that is a secret gem for both local and international jazz lovers. The grown-up programming attracts an older and discerning crowd. At Harlem Jazz Club people will be checking out your dance moves rather than your wardrobe. A friendly atmosphere ensures that all are welcome in this shrine to jazz.


The club opens nearly every night of the week. Follow the link below for the performance schedules for 2023

Music performance schedule and line up for the Harlem Jazz club 2023


MetroMetro: Liceu (Green Line, L3).

The club sits about 10 - 15 minutes walk from the nearest metro. Walk out of the metro station and head down the Ramblas towards the port area. On your left you will see a street called Calle Ferran - head down this street. Keep walking along Calle Ferran until you see a street on your right called Calle Avinyo - head down this street. As you walk along Calle Avinyo you will see a small upward sloping street on your left called Calle Comtessa de Sobradiel - Harlem Jazz Club is near the top of this street.

Harlem Jazz Club
Carrer Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8
08002 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 310 0755

Web: Official Harlem Jazz website

Location Map for Harlem Jazz Club

Harlem Jazz Club Barcelona, Spain.

Harlem Jazz Club Barcelona
Barceloneta Metro
Jaume I Metro
Liceu Metro
Drassanes Metro
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Because the Harlem Jazz Club is a place of legend for local jazz lovers. Even if you are a jazz club virgin, this spot is worth a try. Once the live music is finished, the DJs will spin anything from R&B to funk to soul to reggae. This is an unpretentious spot where you can dance the night away surrounded by new-found friends.

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