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Marula Café Club in Barcelona: The Music, The Crowd, The Location, The Times and the Vibe

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Marula Café is a welcome addition to Barcelona's club scene, offering funk, soul and Latin in the city centre. It is an intimate club where the dance floor takes centre stage. A popular club amongst locals who have been craving a fresh sound in the city.

Marula Café Club has a capacity of about 400 people. There is one room with two bars and a dance floor at the centre. The DJs at Marula Café are a blend of local aficionados and international specialists. Past DJs have included Nickodemus and Roger C.


Marula Café Club attracts a mature crowd who come for the upbeat and tasteful music selection. The club's location in the heart of the old town means that there are also a healthy helping of tourists who have stumbled in from the street. The music in Marula ensures that the atmosphere is characteristically upbeat and friendly.


The club opens every night of the week.

For exact opening times and days, as well as the line-up, check the official Marula Café Club website (see below).


MetroMetro: Drassanes (Green Line, L3).

Marula Café Club is ten minutes walk from the metro. Come out of the metro station and walk up the Ramblas, away from the port. On your left hand side you will see a street called Calle Escudellers. Head down Calle Escudellers for about five minutes and you will arrive at Marula café on your left.

Marula Café Club
Carrer Escudellers, 49
08003 Barcelona, España.

E-mail: [email protected]
Web: Official Marula Café Website

Location Map for Marula Café Nightclub

Marula Café Club Barcelona, Spain.

Liceu Metro
Barceloneta Metro
Barceloneta Metro
Drassanes Metro
Marula Café Club
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Because Marula Café is a friendly, intimate and fresh club in the heart of Barcelona. Just off the Ramblas, you can stumble into a world of smiley faces and good quality music of the kind that you'll struggle to find anywhere else in the city. Lovers of funk, soul, boogaloo, disco, Latin and hip hop will not be disappointed.

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