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Otto Zutz Club in Barcelona: The Music, The Crowd, The Location, The Times and the Vibe

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Otto Zutz is a large uptown club that spans three floors and is located in an old textiles factory. It is popular amongst a more 'bling' crowd who come for the hip hop, R&B, funky and house. It is one of the few clubs in town where you will find these music genres, so people here have made the effort to come for the music.

Otto Zutz Club has a capacity of about 1000 people across three different dance floors, all with their own DJs and music. The DJs at Otto Zutz are all locals and known to be experts in their genres.


Otto Zutz Club attracts a dressed up crowd who have come for the R&B and hip hop. There's a flirtatious atmosphere, but people aren't just here to pull - they're here to dance. You can expect a slightly older crowd who appreciate the sophisticated atmosphere.


Opening days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

For exact opening times and days, as well as the line-up, check the official Otto Zutz Club website (see below).


MetroMetro: Fontana (Green Line, L3).

Otto Zutz Club is five minutes walk from the metro. Come out of the metro station and turn left towards Avenida de Principe d'Asturias. When you reach Avenida de Principe d'Asturias, turn left and walk down it until you reach Via Augusta. On Via Augusta turn right and walk up the street until you see Calle del Madrazo on your left. Head down Calle del Madrazo until you see Calle Lincoln on your left - walk down Calle Lincoln until you see Otto Zutz Club on your right.

Otto Zutz Club
Carrer Lincoln, 15
08006 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 66 926 6410
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: Official Otto Zutz Website

Location Map for Otto Zutz Nightclub

Otto Zutz Club Barcelona, Spain.

Fontana Metro
Otto Zutz Club
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Because you can trust Otto Zutz to offer some of the best hip hop and R&B in town. Its a large club with generous music options spanning the floors. You can dress to impress, drink champagne and dance to smooth and funky music.

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