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Razzmatazz Club in Barcelona: The Music, The Crowd, The Location, The Times and the Vibe

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Razzmatazz is arguably Barcelona's one and only super club. It contains five different club spaces in one massive warehouse style building. You could go to this club, choose one room and feel like you'd been in your own club all night. Alternatively, you can take an adventure - get lost in the maze of pumping dance floors and confusing corridors.

Razzmatazz contains two large spaces and three more intimate club spaces. All have their own dance floor and numerous bars. The music policy is eclectic - varying across nights and across the different spaces on the same night. Expect modern and forward thinking music, covering everything from electro to pop to dub step to disco. This club offers some of the best line-ups for intern

ational big players.


Razzmatazz Club is the go-to for Barcelona's young hipsters in search of a big night out. It is also internationally renowned, ensuring that it boasts its fair share of clued up tourists. Expect concept haircuts, art school T-shirts and collectible trainers on the dance floor. The crowd at Razzmatazz have made the journey from the town centre and are all set to make a night of it.


The club opens every night of the week. It is also a concert venue on some days.

For exact opening times and days, as well as the line-up for DJs and concerts, check the official Razzmatazz Club website (see below).


MetroMetro: Marina (Red Line, L1).

Razzmatazz Club is five to ten minutes walk from the metro station. Leave the metro station and turn down Calle dels Almogavers. Walk down the road until you reach Calle Pampalona. Turn right down Calle Pampalona and you will see Razzmatazz in front of you on the left.

Razzmatazz Club

Carrer Pamplona, 88
08018 Barcelona, España.

E-mail: [email protected]
Web: Official Razzmatazz Website

Location Map for Razzmatazz Nightclub

Razzmatazz Club Barcelona, Spain.

Razzmatazz Metro
Glories Metro
Bogatell Metro
Marina Metro
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Because Razzmatazz is one of Barcelona's most legendary clubs. If you are in search of a night of adventure, this is a place to head to. You can expect quality sound systems a wide choice of music, an electric atmosphere and a crowd who are there to share in your sense of adventure.

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