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Specialist COVID-19 testing service for large groups in Barcelona

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Latest update: 07 October 2022

On this page you´ll learn about how to arrange COVID tests for groups from 6 people up to hundreds of people in Barcelona. Testing large groups of people for COVID-19 can be problematic logistically. It can also be difficult to find a testing centre that can accommodate testing all of your group at the same time. However the COVID testing service we outline on this page has a special service that will enable you to test your entire group at your own location in Barcelona, or if you prefer at their testing centre. The service can issue COVID travel certificates for your group making it much simpler for large groups of people to be tested.

With the group testing service, COVID tests for groups can be arranged for any type of event for crew members, corporate groups, large tour groups or other group types visiting Barcelona.

The Antigen and PCR test for groups is undertaken by a test centre facility located near the Sagrada Familia. They also offer a service where the testing centre can also visit your group at your hotel or any other venue of your choice in Barcelona to perform your group COVID tests.

The COVID testing service for groups is available 7 days a week, including Sundays and public holidays.

Although it is preferable to book this service in advance so that you have plenty of time to arrange the details with the testing facility, you can also book the COVID testing service for your group up to the day before your desired test date.


All the COVID certificates issued by the testing centre on this page are valid travel certificates known as "FIT-TO-FLY", "FIT-TO-SAIL" / "FIT-TO-CRUISE", "VeriFLY, or "FIT-TO-TRAVEL". These certificates meet the testing requirements that enable you to travel on a plane, cruise ship, train or any other transport and to any destination in the World.

VeriFLY is an app that some cruises and airlines use to verify COVID travel documentation. The certificates issued by the testing centre we recommend are VeriFLY compatible - make sure you inform the testing centre if you want to upload your certificate to VeriFLY on the day of your test to ensure they issue the correct certification.

FIT-TO-FLY (COVID travel certificates airline travel)
For flight travel certificates, you should inform the testing centre of your destination country. For example, if you are flying to Japan, the certificate's requirements are very different from those if you were flying to an EU country.

FIT-TO-SAIL / FIT-TO-CRUISE, or VeriFLY (COVID travel certificates for boarding a cruise ship or ferry)
For cruise ships, it is important to specify the name of the cruise ship you will be boarding because they have different requirements for the travel certificate. Different cruise ships also have different requirements. This testing centre can issue travel certificates for every destination in the World and every means of transport. However, it would be best if you informed the testing centre when you arrive what you need so that they can issue the correct certificate for you.

On this page, we have included links for you to learn more about and book the COVID testing service for your group. You’ll need to fill out a booking form with your details, the type of COVID test you need, and the date and time for your test. A confirmation voucher with your voucher number will be emailed to you after you´ve made your booking through the booking form. The testing centre will also send you a separate confirmation email, and you will be directly in touch with the testing centre to arrange the details for the testing of your group.

Large street-level entry of the test centre, practical for groups
Large street-level entry of the test centre, practical for groups

Before reserving an antigen or PCR test for your entire group, make sure to first confirm which type of test you need. If you need COVID tests for travel, note that some countries require additional paperwork, e.g. Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong etc., so it is worth mentioning it to the testing centre after you´ve made your reservation.

This page is about COVID tests for groups from 6 people to hundreds of people. If you´re looking for information on COVID tests for individuals, for 1 to 5 people, click on the links below:

How and where to get an antigen test in Barcelona for individuals

How and where to get a PCR test in Barcelona for individuals

COVID tests for groups at your hotel or event in Barcelona

COVID testing for groups of 6 people or more can be organized anywhere you are situated in Barcelona, e.g., at your hotel where your group is staying, at the venue where your group will be, at the event that your group is attending, etc.

The medical and admin staff of the COVID testing centre will come to your desired location to perform antigen or PCR tests on your group at your nominated hour. This can make it particularly convenient because you can be sure that your group will be tested at the appointed hour. This may not be the case, however, if you have to visit a testing centre where there can be large queues of up to an hour or more.

Note that the COVID tests will need to be performed in a private room that you would need to arrange with the hotel or the venue where you want the testing to be carried out. The COVID tests cannot be done in the middle of a hotel lobby or in the middle of an event venue.

So, for example, if you want your group to be tested at a hotel, you will need to arrange a room for the testing with the hotel, e.g., a meeting room or a conference room.

If possible, the room you will arrange for the testing of your group needs to have a few tables and chairs.

Tables will be needed for the medical staff to organize the COVID test samples and for the admin staff to prepare the COVID test certificates.

Chairs will be used for the members of your group to sit when they get tested and to wait before they get tested.

If you have a group of 50 to 65 people, 4 tables and approximately 10 chairs would be needed.

In case you cannot get tables and chairs, please make to inform the testing centre after you´ve made your reservation once you´re directly in touch with them so that they can bring their own foldable tables and chairs with them on the day.

COVID tests for groups at a COVID test centre near the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

You can also make you reservation to have your group tested at the COVID tests itself if you prefer. The test centre is located near the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

The testing centre is used to test large groups and has a well defined process for an efficient and quick testing.

For a group of 50 people for example, no more than 30 minutes is needed for the whole group to get tested from the moment the group arrives at the clinic to the moment the group leaves the clinic.

The testing centre will have dedicated admin staff to check in your group and test your each member of your group.

Dedicated admin staff for the check-in of your group
Dedicated admin staff for the check-in of your group

For groups of more than 10 people, the testing centre will arrange different sub groups so that there´s no more than 10 people of your group in the same room at the same time.
However your group can still arrive altogether and depart altogether from the clinic.

Eg. A group of 50 people will be split into 5 groups of 10 people each. The first group of 10 will be welcomed in a testing room to review their personal details that will go onto their test certificate before getting tested, whilst the second group of 10 will review their personal detail in the spacious reception area of the test centre. Then the second group gets tested whilst the third group enter the reception area, and so on.

How does the COVID group testing work?

1. You first need to make your group reservation for your antigen or PCR test by filling out the booking forms that you´ll find when clicking on the blue booking buttons on this page. You will have to choose the type of COVID test you want, the number of people who need to get tested, and the test date and time. If you want your group to get tested at a location of your choice, you´ll also need to indicate the address where you want your group to get tested.

2. The testing facility will then get back to you to confirm your group reservation and arrange the details for the testing of your group.

The test centre will also send you a payment link for you to pay for the tests on a secure payment platform. Advance payment is required because the testing centre will have to do some special planning for testing your group and allocate additional human resources for your group. Testing large groups requires the allocation of resources in advance for the testing centre. For this reason, they want to ensure that you will be present at the agreed place and time.

You will also receive a reservation confirmation in a separate email containing important information on the testing and in the COVID test certificates.

3. You will need to send to the testing facility an excel sheet with the following details for each person in your group:
• Full name as shown in passport or ID used for travel
• Passport number or ID used for travel
• Date of birth
• Email address
• Telephone number with corresponding country code

This will enable the testing facility to prepare in advance the medical consent forms that each person that gets tested will need to sign. The test centre will fill in the personal details of each person in your group and print out the consent forms in advance so that your group will only need to review and sign their form. This will be much quicker than if they have to manually fill out their personal details on the form, with the possible typos associated with manual writing.

It is extremely important that you ensure the personal details provided on the excel sheet are accurate, as these details will also go on the COVID test certificates of each person in your group.

4. For the Group COVID testing service at the venue of your choice, the testing facility professionals show up at the agreed place and time to perform your COVID group testing with the antigen or PCR test kits needed. They will also have the medical consent forms that each person in your group will need to review and sign and the laptops needed to issue your antigen test certificates if applicable.

The testing professionals are used to performing tests at hotels and venues and will organize the testing for you.

If you are the tour leader of your group or the person in charge of organizing the testing, the only thing you´ll need to take care of is arranging a private room where to perform the testing, with tables and chairs, and to have the group ready for the testing. If you are staying at a hotel or other venue, you would need to coordinate this with the hotel or venue you are at.

For COVID testing service at the testing facility itself near the Sagrada Familia, your group will need to show up at the testing centre on the agreed date and time.

In both cases, you do not need to worry about organizing your group for the testing. The staff of the testing facility will take care of it.

5. Your group gets tested.

6. Issuing your COVID-19 test certificates

Antigen test certificate issuing If you have requested antigen tests, the certificates will be prepared by the admin staff right after the testing and will be sent to each member of the group or the organizer of the testing depending on what option you chose for delivery of certificates.

PCR test certificates issuing If you requested PCR tests, these would be ready within 3 to 48 hours, depending on the results option selected. They will be sent by email and will be sent to each member of the group or the organizer of the testing, depending on your preference.

If you want printed COVID test certificates, you can either arrange with the testing centre that you pick up the printed certificates at the testing facility near the Sagrada Familia or that the testing centre sends the printed certificates to you by courier service.

What happens if someone in the group is positive to COVID?

The test centre will request that you inform them of the protocol you want them to follow in case a person in your group has a positive test result.

Will you want the test centre to inform you of the positive results, in addition to informing the person who tested positive? If you want to know if someone of your group tested positive, the test centre has consent forms for the members of your group to authorize the test centre in sharing the test results with the organizer of the testing.

If the testing is done at an event, will you want the medical staff to isolate the persons who test positive from the rest of the group? Eg. Depending on the protocol you want them to follow, the medical staff could discreetly tell to the persons who tested positive that they tested positive, that they should leave the event and wait for further instructions in their hotel room.

Unlike other testing centres, this test centre provides a COVID positive support package to people who test positive. They will be able to assist you and the people who tested positive in your group with the procedure to follow, medical advice and follow ups, certificates of recovery to fly back home, etc.


The COVID-19 Group testing service is a specialist service that is set up and to make it quick and easy for you to test large groups in Barcelona from 6 people up to hundreds of people. Unlike other testing services this service understands the needs of testing larger groups and can make to help it a quick and convenient testing service to meet your needs.

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