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How to Get A Document of Recovery Travel Certificate for COVID-19


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Latest update: 20 July 2022

This page covers what you need to do if you want to get a Document of Recovery. Many countries now request a document of recovery to show they have recovered before they can travel.

How do you get your Document of Recovery?

What procedures and steps do you need to take to return home as soon as possible?

Thanks to a new COVID support service, there is no need to be concerned. A government authorized COVID testing centre based in Barcelona city centre has dealt with many such cases and offers a unique service to assist passengers that test positive for COVID-19 and now require a Document of Recovery to fly back to their country.

This page covers the following:

  • What to do if you test positive in Barcelona before your flight.
  • How to obtain your Document of Recovery certificate before your travel.

We have also included a contact form for you to fill out to get your Document of Recovery at the foot of this page.

There are different requirments for Document of Recovery for different countries so it is important you state your destination when making your reservation for a Document of Recovery in the "Comments" box.

1. Getting Assistance: The COVID-19 Document of Recovery and Advisory Service

We have identified a specialist COVID-19 testing centre in Barcelona near the Sagrada Familia that can assist you with a COVID support package if you were planning on flying from Barcelona and need a Document of Recovery.

The COVID positive support package is a comprehensive package that covers advice on the main support issues that travellers face when they test positive before a flight. This includes support and advice on what to do, including medical advice, quarantine periods, and issuing the necessary official paperwork you will need to be able to take your flight.

However the support package does not include any additional medical costs or treatment you may need to have which will be your responsibility.

The COVID positive Document of Recovery and advisory package provided by this specialist test centre includes the following:

1. The procedures you need to take
The test centre will assist you with the exact procedures you will need to take if you have tested positive before your flight. The support is given in either English or Spanish language.

2. COVID medical advice
Your COVID symptoms will be assessed by the medical staff of the test centre.

3. Doctor advisory
As soon as the test centre is aware of your positive antigen or PCR test result, they will provide you with the contact details of the doctor of the test centre, who speaks English and Spanish. You will be able to reach the doctor by phone, WhatsApp, or email should you have any health-related questions or should you need to see a doctor in regard to your COVID symptoms. This takes away the worry of what to do in case you start not feeling well in a city that´s not yours and abroad. The doctor will provide medical advice and follow-ups during your isolation period.

4. Issuing Medical prescriptions
The doctor will issue a medical prescription that you might need during your extended stay in Barcelona and coordinate with your doctor in your own country if required. However, note the cost to pay for the prescriptions will be your own cost.

5. Document of Recovery
The doctor of the test centre will prepare your Document of Recovery certificate following the requirements of your specific destination country it is therefore important that you clearly specify your destination.

6. Advice and Support
The service offered provides you with advice and support along with issuing you with your Document of Recovery for travel however it does not provide the cost of any medical treatments that you may need to have regarding COVID-19. It is important therefore you have a quality medical insurance policy to make sure you are covered for any medical costs you may incur.

Fill out and submit the contact form at the bottom of this page if you tested positive and need to get a COVID-19 letter of recovery for flying to the US.

Your request will be directly sent to the testing centre and they will get back to you by email.

Make sure to fill out and submit the contact form below as soon as you get your positive COVID test result. We recommend you do this so that you have plenty of time to coordinate what´s needed for your documentation of recovery with the doctor of the testing centre.

Do not wait. As soon as you have a positive COVID test result we recommend you to contact the testing centre.

If you had previously booked a COVID test at the test centre near Sagrada Familia and your test turns up positive you will obtain a substantial discount on the COVID Positive Recovery Document and advisory service

Unlike other testing centres, this test centre offers the COVID positive support package to assist you if you test positive at a reduced rate if you get tested with them. They also will automatically contact you if you got tested with them and offer you their assistance.

Reduced fee for the COVID positive support package and recovery letter to be paid directly at the test centre if you got tested at the test centre: €45.00

Fee for the recovery letter and service to be paid directly at the test centre if you got tested somewhere else: €60.00

We therefore also recommend you get your antigen or your PCR test to fly from this test centre as they will be able to assist you with your Document of Recovery should you test positive. We provided the links below in order to do book your pre-departure COVID-19 tests.

If you get an antigen test, you´ll get your results within 15 minutes, the test centre will assist you immediately. This is why it is a good idea to also get your pre-departure COVID test with this testing centre.

If you get a PCR test, as you´ll get your results within 3 to 48 hours, depending on the results option you´ll select, you will need to contact the test centre in case your results are positive for them to assist you.

If you tested positive at a different test centre and need the Document of Recovery

The Document of Recovery and COVID positive support package is also available if you got a positive test result from another test centre of Barcelona however you will pay more than if you had originally been tested at the Sagrada Familia testing centre.

If you didn´t originally get tested at the testing centre, in addition of the above-mentioned services included in the COVID positive support package, the testing centre will need to request that you provide them with a copy of your positive COVID test certificate. They will then have to make the necessary checks to make sure your COVID certificate is valid to fly to your specified destination.

The test centre will also request that you provide a copy of your passport so that they can issue your documentation of recovery accordingly.

Fee for the COVID positive support package and recovery letter to be paid directly at the test centre if you got tested somewhere else: €60.00

If, for some reason, you got tested at another test centre, had a positive test result and need your documentation of recovery to fly, fill out the form below explaining your situation. The test centre will get in touch with you.

We recommend you contact the test centre by filling out the form below as soon as you discover your COVID test is positive.

Complete and submit the form below if you want to get a COVID-19 Document of Recovery. Ensure to give as much detail about your circumstances as possible.

Important note: For security purposes, the information you provide in the form below is securely encrypted and then sent directly to the authorized COVID testing centre. We do not have access to any of your personal information. The testing centre will contact you directly, usually within 15 minutes of your submission during their normal working hours.

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